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Introduction to Front End Optimization (FEO)

Front-End Optimization is made up of myriad of different techniques, all aiming to optimize the speed users perceive and are able to interact with the page. While different, these techniques all share a few high level goals aimed to achieve this acceleration. In this video, Ravi Maira, VP Web Experience Products at Akamai, will outline those shared techniques, using a fun analogy.

How Browsers Work

Loading a web page is a complicated process. Browsers need to handle malformed HTML, over-creative scripts, bloated CSS and hundreds of images, and they need to do so without fail and in record time. In this video, we'll take a look behind the scenes and see the common steps browsers take to do so, explain concepts like DOM and rendering, and show where do the browser limitations lie.


Speed up time to first byte with EdgeStart

Caching on the Edge is the best way to utilize Akamai. If a resource or page is cached on the edge, the user gets a faster page while the load is removed form the website origin - perfect combo. However, some pages are simply not cacheable, for instance personalized pages or extremely dynamic information like stock quotes.

However, while not cacheable, even these pages tend to be very similar from one user to the other. They share the same page header, use similar JavaScript & CSS files, and often share many images too. A new Akamai technology called EdgeStart helps leverage this similarity, delivering the static beginning of a personalized page straight from the edge. This video explains EdgeStart, what is it good for, and how it works.

Image Compression: Putting your Images on a Diet

Images are quickly changing from a boring topic to one of the most debated items on the web performance world. While they appear simple, choosing the right image format and encoding it in the right way could dramatically impact the image file size and the user experience. Since images make up the bulk of the page weight, these optimizations have a huge impact on page load time and user experience. In this video I'll explain what is image compression and why is it needed, along with some specific tips regarding Progressive JPEGs, WebP, JPEG XR and more.

Today we're officially launching the first in our Web Experience Technology video series. 

In this series we aim to help viewers better understand the many complex technologies involved in loading a web page today, with a heavy focus on web performance. The videos will cover anything form best practices & techniques to overviews of relevant public technologies to detailed looks at how Akamai technology can help. In this intro video, Mike Afergan, GM of the Web Experience BU at Akamai, will tee up the series and explain the concept of Situational Performance.

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