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These API's are critical to us...without them, we're hurting. - Terry Drozdowski, Director of Engineering, Exceda.

At Akamai, we believe the future of the Internet lies in the hands of the developers and architects who tackle hard problems every day. With our Open Platform Initiative, we simplified access to the Akamai Intelligent Platform for better and easier integration with home-grown and third party technologies and applications. The initiative exposes the power and breadth of Akamai - over 200,000 servers at the farthest reaches at the Edge of the Internet, petabytes of distributed storage, and terabytes of global bandwidth. By providing this technology, our customers and partners can design the next killer application to deliver innovative web experiences while removing all the inherent impediments of building applications on the raw Internet.

The move to an Encrypted Web

It wasn't too long ago that the only reason a site would leverage HTTPS was to encrypt sensitive data so it couldn't be read in transit. Times are changing and the Internet as we know it is moving more and more towards encrypting all website traffic. Below are 7 good reasons to move your website to only use HTTPS.

Two weeks ago key players in the travel industry gathered from around the world to discover, debate and capitalize on the latest trends and opportunities in travel at the PhocusWright Conference in Fort Lauderdale. One of the hottest topics on the agenda was how to improve the travelers' experience from booking to actually traveling - and how important mobile is to that process. While mobile devices generate 25 percent of the transactions for the travel industry, that actually lags behind other retail verticals for mobile device sales.

In my previous blog, I showed how seriously the performance of your website can be affected by your CDN, even though many don't include it in their monitoring strategy. To enable you to improve your performance tuning and rapid troubleshooting, you must monitor your CDN along with the rest of your systems and do so effectively. In this blog I'll show you how to do just that.

Earlier you had to choose, should you personalize or cache everything... we wanted to do both. -- Fredrik Ahlen (CTO)

The business decision had been made. Fredrik Ahlen (CTO) and Patrik Wallin (Lead Developer) of Health & Sports Nutrition Group (Gymgrossisten) were going to undergo a personalization overhaul to increase conversion rates. This meant personalizing nearly everything -- category pages, product pages, product recommendations and more. It was up to Fredrik and Patrik to make this happen on a site running on an e-commerce platform long past it's lifetime and offering poor website performance, poor stability, and limited personalization.

Retailers can look back on the start of this holiday season and breath a sigh of relief that all signs point to another strong holiday season. According to figures released by Adobe, Cyber Monday closed with $3.07 billion in sales setting a new single day sales record. Black Friday also set records and marked the highest spike over the five-day shopping weekend with a 109 percent jump in traffic, according to Akamai's Net Usage Index.*

Defining OTT Webinar Series

All indications are that Over-the-Top (OTT) video services will attract larger audiences, be delivered at higher bit rates, and provide viewers with more entertainment options than ever before, all of which can further complicate your already complex media strategy.

Please join me on Wednesday, December 9th at 2PM ET/11AM PT as we define and discuss the rapidly shifting OTT 2.0 landscape. Whether you've already launched a new OTT service or you're still exploring where you fit in, I'd like to share strategies for helping you win in this increasingly competitive market.

The in-depth presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session. I look forward to your participation!

John Bishop
CTO, Media Business Unit

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Winning Web Performance - Takeaways from Akamai Edge Part 1

At the Akamai Edge Conference some of the world's biggest, most innovative brands shared ways they move their online businesses faster forward using Akamai. In a multi-part blog post series, we'll be sharing the most valuable lessons learned in the Web Performance space.

2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions for Retailers

We're gearing up for some of the busiest days of the holiday season and that means we're starting to make some predictions around consumer shopping behavior and what retailers can expect to see this year. 

Last year around this same time, we saw an early start to the shopping season, evidenced by an uptick in activity starting as early as Nov. 2. The latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker supports this prediction, stating that just under 45 percent of consumers plan to shop on Black Friday and another 47 percent say they will shop on Cyber Monday. Similarly, Research from the National Retail Federation (NRF) affirms that in 2014 the estimated number of Cyber Monday shoppers was 127 million, with the number of people who shopped on Black Friday at 87 million.

Making Mobile Matter this Holiday Season

It's evident that mobile has become the go-to shopping method for most consumers. In fact, they are continuing to browse and buy from multiple networks, making the mobile shopping experience more important than ever. With smartphone subscriptions projected to increase by an average of 15 percent a year - reaching six billion by 2020, [Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2015] it's no question that mobile has become an important consideration for retailers. Today's consumers use their smartphones throughout the shopping experience, so retailers must take into consideration these growth statistics to prepare for the holiday rush, which is just around the corner!