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For a few years now the online retail industry as a whole has been talking about a "mobile first" approach to developing and delivering websites and applications. While this is not a new term or focus, it's clear that we have finally reached that threshold where mobile traffic is reaching, or even surpassing, desktop/laptop traffic across Europe.

The chances are your site has a bot problem. Unwanted bots decrease website performance, increase bandwidth costs and might be giving your competitors an unfair advantage.  Even if you can successfully identify bots trying to scrape your site, blocking them is never a good idea as they will just evolve to avoid further detection.  Akamai Bot Manager gives you the ability to silent deny (so not alerting the sender), give a delayed response (to prioritise human users) or serve alternative content (to deliberately give incorrect pricing information), therefore resulting in reduced bandwidth and infrastructure costs, enhanced user experience and stronger competitive positioning.

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