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With the acquisition of Soha Systems, Akamai's vision of bringing a simpler, more secure access approach to the enterprise is now available. We have blogged about this, most notably an excellent piece penned by Lorenz Jakober titled "Secure Enterprise Access Needs to Evolve".

The big picture - images matter to customers

There is no doubt that images sell. On websites, the use of pictures not only illustrates a product, it encourages emotional engagement. A study by Nielsen[1] found that 63% of shoppers on mobile and tablet devices ranked product images first in importance over any other content on the page. So, what are you doing about the images on your website?

UK broadband connection speeds - the devil in the detail

On March 8th, Akamai released the Fourth Quarter 2016, State of the Internet / Connectivity Report, which gives a global view of internet connectivity trends as observed across the Akamai Intelligent Platform.  It is always an interesting read, and looking back over the report's history since its first publication in 2009, we can really see how much traffic trends and speeds have evolved.  The 'high broadband' category was then defined as speeds above 5Mbps, and had a global adoption rate of 16%.  According to the report's editor, David Belson, we are now seeing 15Mbps adoption rates at 25% worldwide!