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Making Third-Party Application Access Simple and Secure

In January Akamai launched Enterprise Application Access (EAA), a new solution designed to help companies address one of the biggest headaches they have: simplifying remote and third-party application access while maintaining the security of the enterprise.  For the IT department, there are two main challenges with making simple, secure remote access a reality:

  • Managing network, device, software, policy-related configurations and management tasks
  • Creating new entry points to the organisation's network and trying to manage the increased overall risk introduced

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) provides a unique alternative to traditional remote and third-party access technologies such as VPNs, RDP and proxies. With EAA, which is clientless, applications are hidden from the Internet and public exposure. Its "dial-out" cloud architecture allows the closing of all inbound firewall ports while permitting authenticated end users to access only specific, authorised applications defined by the IT team.

You can still register for our "Simple, Secure Third-Party Application Access" webinar on 16th March at 1400GMT, presented by Jim Black, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise and Tom Adamski, Enterprise Solutions Engineer for EMEA.

The webinar will explain how EAA can help your organisation and take you through:

  • Survey results revealing how your peers approach third-party access management
  • How to remove complexity around the management of third-party access
  • Challenges associated with moving a traditional network perimeter to the cloud
  • How third-party access exposes the enterprise to risk

You can read more about Enterprise Application Access here.