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In January Akamai launched Enterprise Application Access (EAA), a new solution designed to help companies address one of the biggest headaches they have: simplifying remote and third-party application access while maintaining the security of the enterprise.  For the IT department, there are two main challenges with making simple, secure remote access a reality:

As we know, enterprises have come a long way from the days when a few remote users needed access to a handful of applications. Now, applications can live in data centers, in AWS, in Azure - in reality, anywhere on the Internet.

So who really needs to access these enterprise apps?

A reminder of the importance of security

Recently the UK Office for National Statistics released its latest statistical bulletin for the Crime Survey for England and Wales: Year Ending September 2016.  The survey covers all reported crime (6.2 million incidents) and whilst it shows no statistically significant change on the preceding report, there was some interesting data related to computer crime.