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State of the Internet - the information security picture gets bleaker

Earlier this month InfoSecurity Europe took place at Olympia in London - Akamai was there welcoming visitors along with other leaders in the security industry.  As always, the event is a great chance to speak with a wide range of delegates and hear what they are experiencing on the ground as they work to protect their businesses from the ever more sophisticated web security threats that are emerging - not just new techniques, but co-ordinated, sustained and geographically dispersed online assaults.

On day one of the show we announced our Q1 2016 State of the Internet - Security Report. The quarterly report provides a detailed view of the global cloud security threat landscape and in-depth analysis and insight into malicious activity observed across the Akamai Intelligent Platform.  Here is a quick taster of the findings in the report, but if you have an interest in, or are responsible, for info security in your organisation we strongly recommend you download the report here.

  • Nearly 60 percent of DDoS attacks in Q1 used at least two attack vectors at once, making defence more difficult
  • This multi-vector web attacks functionality has become a standard capability in the DDoS-for-hire marketplace and accessible to even the least skilled actors
  • The vast majority of DDoS attacks were based on reflection attacks using stresser/booter-based tools. These tools bounce traffic off servers running vulnerable services such as DNS, CHARGEN, and NTP. In fact, 70 percent of the DDoS attacks in Q1 used the reflection-based DNS, CHARGEN, NTP, or UDP fragment vectors
  • More than half of the web attacks (55 percent) targeted gaming companies, with another 25 percent targeting the software and technology industry.
  • Q1 2016 also set a record with 19 DDoS attacks exceeding 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps)

These numbers do not paint a pretty picture, and during the show we have given a couple of tech talks where we have taken a closer look at the web attacker's tool set and the types of attacks that are being leveraged against companies today. We were able to share real case studies as well as our own war stories from the field!

When Akamai started to deliver cloud security solutions we took the industry by surprise, but the approach is proving itself extremely effective against the scale and dynamic nature of the online attacks we see every day.  Do download the Q1 2016 - State of the Internet - Security Report, it will help you understand how best to protect your business.  You can learn more about Akamai's Cloud Security solutions here.