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Akamai Goes Green with Renewable Energy Initiative

You may have missed an announcement we made on May 10th about Akamai's environmental sustainability plans leading up to 2020.  You'd be forgiven for doing so too, because it wasn't announcing a raft of new content delivery services, or any fundamental changes to our Intelligent platform, but it did mark a significant commitment in how we intend to ensure our total energy consumption does not grow in proportion with our global server network.

Akamai does not directly own any facilities, but our content delivery servers, of which there are hundreds of thousands in 126 countries and at thousands of locations, account for 93% of our global electricity consumption.  We've had great success at keeping energy consumption growth way below that of server network growth through a combination of network efficiency and other productivity gains, but this new commitment to renewable energy sources will help us keep our absolute greenhouse emissions below 2015 levels by powering half of network operations with renewable fuels by 2020.

You can read more about how we are going to achieve the migration to renewable energy in the press release, or there is a great blog post by Nicola Peill-Moelter that goes into much more detail and may give you some food for thought in your own businesses.