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Earlier this month InfoSecurity Europe took place at Olympia in London - Akamai was there welcoming visitors along with other leaders in the security industry.  As always, the event is a great chance to speak with a wide range of delegates and hear what they are experiencing on the ground as they work to protect their businesses from the ever more sophisticated web security threats that are emerging - not just new techniques, but co-ordinated, sustained and geographically dispersed online assaults.

Akamai Goes Green with Renewable Energy Initiative

You may have missed an announcement we made on May 10th about Akamai's environmental sustainability plans leading up to 2020.  You'd be forgiven for doing so too, because it wasn't announcing a raft of new content delivery services, or any fundamental changes to our Intelligent platform, but it did mark a significant commitment in how we intend to ensure our total energy consumption does not grow in proportion with our global server network.