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Joining the Europol (EC3) European Cybercrime Centre Advisory Group on Internet Security

Earlier this month I was appointed as a member of Europol's (EC3) European Cybercrime Centre Advisory Group on Internet Security.

This is a prestigious appointment, which will initially be for two years and it follows the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Akamai and Europol's EC3. This enables our two organisations to establish a mutual framework for the exchange of knowledge, expertise and strategic information in order to combat the international threat of cybercrime.

Akamai and Europol's EC3 are already cooperating across a number of cybersecurity initiatives. We are committed to working together with investigators and law enforcement agencies across the world to provide crucial help in the constant and insidious battle against cybercrime. Europol's EC3 does vital work to protect Europe's citizens, businesses and governments, and our role has been to provide statistics around DDoS attacks and threat intelligence.

By being appointed to the advisory committee on Internet Security, I will be able to work with my peers at some of the largest and most knowledgeable companies in Europe to share information. Working within Akamai gives me a unique viewpoint gained by our delivery of over 20 gigabits per second of the Internet every day of the year. This insight can help Europol to inform and influence law enforcement and the political landscape on cybersecurity, and bring about a better understanding of how we can collectively make the Internet a safer place.

Akamai uses its window on web activities to publish the quarterly State of the Internet Report - Security - providing a detailed overview of cybersecurity trends. The most recent report which was published at the end of February to outline the threat landscape in Q4 2015, showed that the number of DDoS and web application attacks was continuing to surge. Web application attacks jumped 28% while DDoS attacks increased 40% compared with Q3 2015. As well as the SOTI report, Akamai also uses this intelligence to enhance its own Internet security solutions.