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Read on to learn more about the authors on the Akamai Security Intelligence and Threat Research Blog! 

Adrian Beaudin Adrian Beaudin has over 20 years of experience in solutions architecture and sales engineering helping customers evaluate, deploy and manage complex network solutions. He specializes in cloud, network infrastructure software such as DNS, DHCP and RADIUS, as well as automation such as network configuration management, ansible and vagrant. He has been working directly on Akamai/Nominum technology for 7 years.

Ali Fakeri Tabrizi Dr. Ali Fakeri Tabrizi, Principal Data Scientist at Akamai, has received his PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 2013 at University of Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris, France. Ali is working on designing and implementing intelligent automatic software in order to detect and classify suspicious/malicious activities as soon as they happen. His research interest points are deep learning, semi-supervised learning, NLP, machine vision, cyber security and network analysis.

Bruce Van Nice Bruce Van Nice is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Akamai. He has spent more than thirty years in the networking industry, primarily at start-up companies, working with a wide spectrum of technologies ranging from edge and core routers to wireless to security. At Nominum he has responsibility for products that encompass DNS resolution, security, privacy, and data analytics.

Daniel Abeles Daniel Abeles is an experienced security researcher, with years of experience in web application attacks. Daniel currently serves as a Senior Security Researcher working on the Akamai Threat Research Group supporting Akamai's cloud security solutions. Daniel has a strong security background working for the Air Force and consultation companies on various projects. Outside of Akamai, he enjoys breaking stuff, learning new things, developing new tools and contributing to open source projects.

Daniel Blasingame Before Akamai, Daniel Blasingame was Vice President of North American sales for Nominum. Prior to Nominum he had various corporate and customer facing roles at Cisco, Lexmark and IBM in a successful career spanning 25+ years.

Dean McDonald Dean McDonald has worked in the telco industry for over 20 years. Prior to joining Akamai in 2017; Dean joined Nominum in 2007 to manage APJ PreSales. Prior to joining Nominum, Dean worked in engineering roles at major Australian ISPs such as Telstra, Comindico and connect.com.au and was primarily focused on Unix Systems Administration. Dean has a Masters in Networking & Systems Administration from Charles Sturt University.

Hongliang Liu Dr. Hongliang Liu, Principal Data Scientist at Akamai, received his PhD degree in Physics in 2011. Dr. Liu has been working on defeating DDoS attacks known as Pseudo Random Subdomain (PRSD) attacks which rely on the worldwide DNS infrastructure and building machine intelligence for modeling DNS traffic, including domain correlation models. He has successfully applied his intelligent machines have successfully detected and predicted multiple malware C&C name groups.

John Arledge John Arledge defines and executes strategy to increase adoption of Akamai's DNS technology enabling security and value-added applications among mobile and fixed line communications service providers (CSPs) globally. He has deep industry expertise in software and services for telco, cable, satellite, enterprise, security, consumer electronics, professional sports, and automotive. John has held several senior executive positions with internet brands including Danger, TiVo, OpenTV and others, and also was a founder of two startups.

Larry Cashdollar Larry W. Cashdollar has been working in the security field as a vulnerability researcher for over 18 years, and is currently a member of the Security Incident Response Team at Akamai Technologies. He studied computer science at the University of Southern Maine. Larry has documented over 150 CVEs and has even presented his research at BSides Boston, OWASP Rhode Island, and Defcon. He enjoys the outdoors and rebuilding mini-bike engines in his spare time.

Martin McKeay Martin McKeay is a Senior Security Advocate at Akamai, joining the company in 2011. Martin is a senior editor of Akamai's State of the Internet Security Report, Akamai's quarterly report on DDoS and other threats. Three years ago Martin moved his family to the UK in order to help Akamai reach the European audience. With over fifteen years of experience in the security space and five years of direct Payment Card Industry work, Martin has provided expertise to hundreds of companies. He has spoken at events in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, including RSA, Black Hat, Defcon and FIRST. He is a member of Europol's European Cybercrime Center Internet Advisory Committee.

Or Katz Or Katz is an application security veteran, with years of experience at industry leading vendors such as Breach, F5 and Toga Networks. Or currently serves as principal security researcher for Akamai's Cloud Security Intelligence platform. Or is also a board member at the OWASP Israel chapter, a frequent speaker at the chapter conferences, and also published several innovative white papers on web applications defensive techniques.

Ralf Weber Ralf Weber started his career as a software developer in the newspaper industry. In 1990 he received his first email address and was so stunned by the communication possibilities that he convinced the owner of the newspaper to electronically publish it on the net. As there where not a lot of end user access service at that time he created an full service ISP for that newspaper. He then joined Colt Telecom in 1998 to build there Internet service in Germany and as the company grew helped to engineer and operate Colts european backbone. After that he was responsible for Colts DNS service which run on Nominums products. In 2010 he decided to join Nominum to work even closer on the pulse of the Internet. When he's off-net and not with his family, which doesn't happen that often he can be found turning the tables in rock clubs around Frankfurt.

Ryan Barnett Ryan Barnett is a Principal Security Researcher working on the Akamai Threat ResearchTeam supporting Kona security solutions. In addition to his primary work at Akamai, he is also a WASC Board Member and OWASP Project Leader for: Web Hacking Incident Database (WHID) and Distributed Web Honeypots. Mr. Barnett is a frequent speaker at security industry conferences such as Blackhat and has authored two web security books: Preventing Web Attacks with Apache (Pearson) and The Web Application Defender's Cookbook: Battling Hackers and Defending Users (Wiley).

Sandy Wilbourn Sandy Wilbourn led the data analytics engineering group at Oracle. Prior to that, he served as VP of Engineering at Nominum, where he led development for many of our best selling products. He brings a great combination of knowing our technology, people, industry, customers, and data analytics. While he is well grounded in that respect, he was inspired to come back by our commitment to the N2 platform, our applications, and Internet Activity Analytics and their ability to transform the market and our value as a company.

Thanh Nguyen Dr. Thanh Nguyen, Principal Data Scientist, received her PhD degree in Computer Science in 2013. Thanh builds the realtime Domain Reputation Graph (DRS) with billions of nodes and relationships about domain names and their related entities, and has successfully detected hundred thousands of phishing and malwares in realtime. Besides DRS, Thanh also works on DDoS detection and protection at DNS level. She has filed multiple patents related to DNS security and analytics.

Yohai Einav Yohai Einav is a 15-year cybersecurity veteran and present lead of security research at Nominum/Akamai. At his current role, he manages threat analysis projects with specific focus on Botnets and their DNS signal, and is also the lead author of the company's security reports. Yohai's most recent research focused on txt type based amplification attacks, generated by IoT botnets, and file-less malware traffic analysis. Before joining Nominum, Yohai served in various research, data science and intelligence roles in leading security companies, including Symantec, RSA Security and Verisign.

Yuriy Yuzifovich Yuriy Yuzifovich heads Data Science and Security Research at Nominum/Akamai since 2015, working on improving the safety of the web and online experience of a third of world's online population that use Nominum DNS servers to access the web. His team built patent-pending tools to analyze 100 billion DNS queries per day from hundreds of millions of Internet subscribers in real time, finding anomalies and new infections, and building protection against ransomware, adware, and other malware.

Moshe Zioni Moshe Zioni is the Director of Threat Research at Akamai Cloud Security and a seasoned penetration tester and bug hunter. Moshe has been researching security since youth, positioned professionally since he hit 18, when he was actually surprised to find a place for his enthusiasm and talent. Consulted many industry leaders, banks, software vendors, insurance companies, health organizations, governments and telecommunication service providers, both domestic and international. Interested in all security aspects, keeping his aperture wide and viewing the whole picture. Moshe have published research papers and presented at many conferences - including CCC in Germany, Hack-in-Paris in France, 44CON in the UK, BSidesTLV and others.