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State of the Internet / Security Volume 6, Issue 1

Happy New Year! It's February now, so we've made, and most likely have broken, all of those New Year's Resolutions that we vowed to keep. As we look forward to the rest of 2020, the staff that produces the State of the Internet / Security report really only has one resolution -- evolve.

It's an interesting mandate, because we're not the only ones evolving. Criminals have started to evolve too, and their attacks are getting more ambitious by the day.

The first State of the Internet / Security of the year focuses on the financial services industry, and highlights a record-breaking attack against a well-known financial firm that included 55,141,782 malicious login attempts. The attack happened on August 7, 2019, and represents the largest spike in targeted credential abuse against the financial services industry we've seen since we started tracking such attacks.

From December 2017 through November 2019, Akamai observed 85,422,079,109 credential abuse attacks across our customer base. Nearly 20%, or 16,557,875,875, were against hostnames that were clearly identified as API endpoints. Of these, 473,513,955 attacked organizations in the financial services industry.

Using the same 24-month period, we also take a deeper look into web application and DDoS attacks against the financial services sector. During this time, we observed 662,556,776 web application attacks against the financial services sector.

To read the full report visit: www.akamai.com/soti