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State of the Internet, Volume 5, Issue 1

Is it too late to still say "Happy New Year?"

We don't think so. We're kicking off 2019 with our first issue of the State of the Internet / Security.

Goal setting is something that security teams around the world are doing right now. What are your team's goals? How do your goals align with the business? As you and your teams start to develop what these goals look like, make sure they work in tandem with the business goals. When you focus on aligning with the business, you'll ensure that your Security team will slowly start to lose the nickname "The Department of 'No'".

Along with goal setting, our guest author, Amanda Berlin, takes a dive into something that affects everyone in the working world, and the information security world in particular - mental health. While this piece is insightful and offers many useful tips and tricks, it doesn't replace meeting and speaking with a trained professional.

We focused our sights on DDoS and Application Attacks for this report. However, not everything is always as it seems. Our team took a deep dive into an incident where a high amount of traffic looked like a DDoS attack. In this instance, the initial spike was surprising even for systems like Akamai's that are built for huge amounts of data, with more than 4 billion requests from 15,582 IP addresses. However, on closer inspection, our team realized it wasn't a DDoS attack at all, it was something else entirely.  There are many ways traffic can mimic a DDoS attack, but that doesn't mean it's any less disruptive to your business.

In this report, we take a look at an specific example from the retail industry, to dig into this bot issue a little bit more. Not all bots are bad, however some bots can definitely lead to more problems than they're worth. When bot traffic makes up the majority of your web traffic, your business can run into mitigation problems. Having a bot defense system can help block out blatant known-bad bots, however, when known-good bots get heavy handed on your site, you may find yourself in trouble. On the other hand, malicious bot developers are continuously trying to find new ways to evade bot defense systems in order to find ways through your security system.

The first month of 2019 may be wrapping up, but the year has just started. With our goals set, and our eyes peeled for new trends, we look forward to sharing our findings with you over the upcoming year. But for now, dive deeper into the State of the Internet / Security: Volume 5, Issue 1.