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And Now, This Message on 'Booth Babes'

For years, I've despised the so-called booth-babe phenomenon, in which vendors hire women to stand at their booths in skimpy attire at conferences. I've focused on what I see at security events, but the problem is universal.

If you want to know how I feel about it, read this Salted Hash write-up from a couple years ago. 

For the rest of this post, I direct your attention to this message from two individuals who want to see change.

As of 31 March 2014, the UK officially has a governmental Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) that is responsible for being the central point for communication between a variety of governmental and business within the confines of the UK, as well as beyond. While this is the 'birthday' of CERT-UK, the organization has already been working hard since November to create infrastructure and hiring personnel, this was simply an official date to say "We're open for business."

Akamai is a Platinum Sponsor of SOURCE Boston 2014

Akamai is a platinum sponsor of next week's SOURCE Boston conference, and we'll have an army of security staff on hand to answer questions, show people around and help with introductions.

Anatomy of Wordpress XML-RPC Pingback Attacks

Akamai researchers have released fresh details regarding the Wordpress XML-RPC pingback exploits used in a series of DDoS attacks earlier this month. The details are in an advisory written by CSIRT's Larry Cashdollar.

Security Awareness for Senior Citizens

We hear a lot about the need to educate kids on Internet security threats. But Christopher Burgess, CEO of security consultancy Prevendra, thinks the danger is even greater for senior citizens who haven't had the advantages of growing up in a hyper-connected world. 

"We focus so much on protecting our kids. Nobody is watching the seniors," he told me in a phone conversation this week. "A lot of people are invested in separating seniors from their personal information and money." 

That being the case, his company set out to do something about it.

Full Disclosure's Second Chance

A week after the shutdown of Full Disclosure sent shockwaves through the security industry, we're getting word that it's getting a second chance. Nmap Project hacker Gordon Fyodor Lyon announced Tuesday that he's taking on management of the list.

BsidesBoston Details

The final speaker list and agenda have yet to be finalized, but plenty of details are now available regarding BSides Boston 2014. Those details are below. As for the final agenda, stay tuned for that after the call for papers period closes March 31.

Full SOURCE Boston 2014 Schedule Released

The full schedule has been released for next month's SOURCE Boston security conference. This year's keynote speakers are:

  • Internationally renowned security technologist and author Bruce Schneier;
  • Justine Aitel, who manages cyber security and identity programs at Dow Jones; and 
  • Dr. Andrea M. Matwyshyn, an academic studying technology innovation and its legal implications, particularly corporate information security regulation and commercial and consumer privacy.
The SOURCE website includes podcast interviews with the keynoters as well as many other speakers.

The job of security professionals is becoming tougher by the day. While we work hard to ensure that vulnerabilities are covered, an attacker simply needs to find the weakest link. Not a pleasing thought, but often attackers have the time and resources on their side while the "good guys" work under a whole different set of pressures.

Patrick J. McGovern Left a Huge Legacy in Tech Media

International Data Group (IDG) announced yesterday that its Founder and Chairman, Patrick J. McGovern, died March 19 at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California. Having worked at IDG for five years before coming to Akamai, the news made me profoundly sad. But this post is a celebration of a life well lived and the huge legacy he left in the world of tech media and beyond.