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DEF CON Speaker Schedule is Live

The speaker schedule for DEF CON is now live on the event website. What follows are the talks that look particularly interesting. 

Note: What's listed is based on what interests me personally. It is not a full list, nor do I speak for the many Akamai colleagues who will also be there next month. 

Talks of Interest at Black Hat USA 2014

A month from now I'll be at Black Hat USA 2014 with many of my Akamai colleagues. It's time to start thinking about the talks that will be most relevant to our interests. To that end, here's a look at some of the more interesting items on the agenda so far.

Note: This is not the full agenda, nor is it an objective list. It captures the talks that look most interesting to me. 

Source: The Black Hat USA 2014 website

The latest Akamai State of the Internet Report is out. Here's a look at what we saw on the security front in the first quarter of 2014.

FirstCon14, As Seen from Twitter

As is the case with any conference, attendees can't be everywhere at once. If you attend one talk, you're missing a few others down the hall. If you can't attend, you miss everything.

That's one of the things I love about Twitter: You can keep up with what's happening. Such is the case this week during the FIRST conference in Boston. As I attend my chosen talks, I'm keeping up with everything else by scanning tweets using the hashtag #firstcon14. Here are some of the tweets catching my attention.

FirstCon14: Was Spafford Too Negative?

After security luminary Eugene Spafford gave a keynote at the FIRST conference in Boston this morning, some noted that his overall outlook was dark and depressing.

FIRSTCon14: Are CERTS the Janitors of InfoSec?

Security luminary Eugene Spafford gave a rather bleak assessment of the state of the industry in his FIRST Conference keynote this morning. 

His focus of gloom: Patches.

Specifically, the addiction companies and organizations have to patching, at the expense of building more ironclad systems.

FIRST Conference Podcasts and Tweets

I'm at the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) annual meet-up at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, and will be blogging about some of the talks in the coming days. But for those who can't make it, I want to direct you to the FIRST homepage, where you can keep track of the action and soak in some of the experience.

Two cool noteworthy items here:

First, there are several podcasts with everything from interviews with security practitioners to segments about the conference planning process. Next, further down the page, you can keep up with all the tweeting from here. The hashtag for that is  or .

More to come later.

Keynotes at FIRST Security Conference

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) annual Boston meet-up starts in earnest today at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. For those planning to attend, here's a look at the keynote speaker roster.

Akamai Security Podcast Now on iTunes

You can now subscribe to the Akamai Security Podcast from the iTunes store. Hear interviews with Akamai security specialists as well as security luminaries from the larger industry. Preview the podcast here and, to subscribe, click "view in iTunes." Once iTunes launches, you can hit the subscribe button.

Thanks for listening!

Akamai Security Podcast

Anonymous Continues Targeting World Cup

In recent days, we've been monitoring attempts by Anonymous and others to cause Internet disruptions during the World Cup. Here's how those attacks are playing out in the media.