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I gave a keynote at a customer experience conference in New York City earlier this month. The title was "It Takes a Village: Creating a Customer-Centric Culture That Works," and it was about how people make a difference. We all know that research and studies will evolve and acronyms will change, but at the heart of all customer programs are the customer and the people who touch them. Recent opinion is moving towards understanding the customer experience through relationships and interactions. In this session, I talked about how a technical support group (our Customer Care) at Akamai moved along the path of understanding and communicating better with customers and changed the perception of what was important in those interactions!

How does your web site performance compare to the average?

I'm often asked by our customers how their web sites compare to the industry averages, in terms of speed and size. While the numbers vary depending on the business, devices used and audiences, we can leverage the information gathered by httparchive.org to report overall metrics for desktop home pages.

Can you handle your primetime TV ads' success online?

2015 "Big Game" ads can cost up to $4.5 million apiece. I believe most of the broadcasters, advertisers, partners and sponsors planned for their investment to help drive users to their respective web sites and generate significant social media buzz.

The impact of the Big Game on the Web

This year, Akamai Technologies was once again chosen to protect and deliver a high performing experience for the Super Bowl by many customers who either broadcasted, advertised or showcased scores for the big game on Sunday Feb 1st. In doing so, we were afforded a unique look into various traffic patterns across industries on the Internet. Here are a few of the more interesting statistics.

Accelerating Single Page Apps and Mobile Apps

Single page apps and hybrid mobile apps share something in common: a rich semi-static wrapper that makes API calls for small objects, normally JSON. It is a performance oriented design pattern where large content is cached as close as possible to the client (Edge server, client cache, etc.) and non-cacheable content is small and can be compressed and minified.

Dynamic Content: A Short TTL as an Alternative to Purge?

Purging URLs at the Edge when its underlying content changes at the origin infrastructure may seem to be the best way to manage a website dynamic content. Or is it?

In this post, we'll explore the pros and cons of purging, and offer an alternative when appropriate.

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, which means that retailers will start seeing an uptick in traffic to their websites. While traffic increases certainly have the potential to positively impact the bottom line, surges in activity can also result in downtime, if you don't prepare. Why is this a problem? Even a minute of downtime can cost thousands - or hundreds of thousands - of dollars and can damage a company's brand for years to come. It can also jeopardize consumer and banking information.

To make sure you don't run into these problems, the Akamai Professional Services team has compiled a few tips to help you prepare for expected - and unexpected - spikes in holiday traffic.

Introducing SHA-2 Certificates and Forward Secrecy

In order to provide a higher level of transport-layer security, Akamai will soon be introducing two notable changes to SSL/TLS support on our secure platform. These new features will upgrade your sites' SSL/TLS configuration to be consistent with new industry standards around encryption and certificates.

The Power of the Community

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure to deliver an Ignite session at WebPerfDays NY. In my talk, I explained how humans have reached the top of the food chain by managing knowledge in better ways than other species (slides). One of the key differentiators in human management of knowledge is how we interact with one another socially. Bees don't tell bees from a different beehive where to find food, but humans like to share and learn from others. This is one of the reasons why we love Internet as much as we do - wikis, social updates and blogs all provide us with real-time shared information at our fingertips.
Over the last five months, the services and support management teams from Akamai have been working hard on integrating the Akamai and Prolexic Security Operation Center (SOC). Given the progress that we've made along the way, we think it would be timely for us to talk about how this effort from both companies could help our customers against the ever-changing attack sphere.
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