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Have you seen those auto insurance commercials with that guy in the suit that always looks a little beat up portraying the personification of "mayhem"?

One my favorites from that ad series is the one where "Mayhem" is your car's GPS system - he seems to be recalculating at every other turn! Don't you hate that moment when you're traveling along on a road trip, following the pleasant voice prompts from your car or your smartphone's GPS and then all of a sudden you realize the road you are supposed to take is closed? You're now being redirected to a new route? What's worse is when you get to a point where you have to make a decision "do i go left?" or "do I go right?" you look at the GPS and it's "Recalculating!"

As enterprises further embrace cloud environments for both business and mission critical applications, it is important to have easier ways to connect with other cloud based services. Akamai recognizes this need and this is why we are excited to announce our participation as a Silver sponsor of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Cloud Foundry is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides capabilities to distribute applications to one or more cloud environments. Cloud Foundry is exciting because anyone can download and run it in conjunction with their own private cloud environments or take advantage of it through service providers who have adopted it, such as IBM Blue Mix, HP Helion, and CenturyLink Cloud.

OPEN Thoughts

It was only six months ago that Akamai opened its core technology, revealing the Open Platform Initiative strategy. The main idea was to enable everyone; every developer, every customer and every partner, to access Akamai technology and benefit from its amazing power. You may arguably say that this was a small step on a long path. But let's look back and see how much we walked, using the evolution of technology as our context.

As technology has evolved, there were milestones that changed the way we use it in our lives, milestones that changed and improved things forever. More importantly, technology plays a key role in the way we all behave, communicate, learn, share and spend our leisure time. Technology is now part of our lives, as it was never before.