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Join Akamai at Game Developers Conference

If you'll be at GDC this year, I urge you to stop by the Akamai booth. Not just because we've got a charming group of local games experts there, and not just because we've got a pretty cool demo station, but because we want to hear from you. We want to know what's making it hard to get your games launched, seen, played and loved by players.

Game Tech Vs. Art Vs. Business

Do you remember when Roger Ebert declared that video games can never be art? Many of my friends in the industry threw themselves (metaphorically) on the floor in fits of rage, as if Ebert was nearby and could hear them.

Join Akamai at D.I.C.E.

I'm not a Vegas kind of guy. It's the heat mostly, but I think it's a gamble to put $1.25 in a hotel vending machine, hoping all the way that my corn chips don't get stuck on the dispenser rings. As such, it's a very big deal when I go to Vegas on purpose, and an even bigger deal when I can say I'm excited about it.

Webinar: Threats to Success in the Gaming Industry

We have a great webinar coming up on Sept 29th at 2pm EST - Threats to Success in the Gaming Industry. We'll be exploring gaming business challenges; this video tells you a bit more about our upcoming session. 

I hope you'll join us. Learn more and register to attend at: www.akamai.com/gamingwebinar

Nelson Rodriguez is Senior Marketing Manger for Games at Akamai. 

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