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Refining the State of the Internet Report

Over the last several years, many users have adopted mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, as their primary means of accessing the Internet. A number of studies published over the past year illustrate this trend, especially among millennials. In addition, improvements to, and greater deployment of this technology by mobile network providers have led to mobile connection speeds that rival fixed broadband connections in some geographies.  LTE-Advanced, which is being rolled out by carriers in countries around the world, provides for download speeds in the hundreds of Mbps range, with the latest Android and Apple devices including support for LTE-Advanced.

Webinar: Threats to Success in the Gaming Industry

We have a great webinar coming up on Sept 29th at 2pm EST - Threats to Success in the Gaming Industry. We'll be exploring gaming business challenges; this video tells you a bit more about our upcoming session. 

I hope you'll join us. Learn more and register to attend at: www.akamai.com/gamingwebinar

Nelson Rodriguez is Senior Marketing Manger for Games at Akamai. 

OTT at your doorstep: Are you ready?


Consider this - the number of months needed to reach 1 million users in India since launch[1] :


Facebook - 10 months

Twitter - 12 months

Instagram - 2.5 months

HotStar - .2 months (6 days !!!)


So what is HotStar?  HotStar is one of the recent OTT video applications launched by Star India, launched to coincide with the start of the cricket world cup. Star is one of the largest media broadcasting houses in India and is part of the global NewsCorp network.  In the 40 days since being launched, Hotstar reached 40 million downloads and is still going strong. The platform today streams a wide variety of entertainment content and is reported to support more than 7000 device types.

Akamai Assists ISPs in Providing a Family-Friendly Internet


Family and Internet safety advocates have lobbied long and hard to government regulators and Internet service and content providers for stronger measures and controls over the types of content viewable by children when online. And based on recent reports, some ISPs have responded in a favorable way, by implementing services that place automatic blocks on "high risk" websites including those that feature nudity or sexual content or are related to drugs, alcohol or tobacco, among others. Furthermore, users seem to be taking advantage of these services rather than opting out of them, creating safer Internet environments in their homes, while Internet providers reap the benefits of high scores for customer satisfaction and the potential for long-term revenue growth. A true win-win!

How Can You Trust a Website?

During an early summer morning on August 1982, in the brightly lit hallway of a non-descript academic building on the campus of University of California Berkeley, two scientists who were working on what the world will later know as the Internet, had a brief but very important conversation:

"How can we trust ARPANET?"

"Because you can trust your colleagues."

Akamai's 8th Annual Customer Conference is approaching quickly and we have some great industry speakers joining us to share how they are overcoming some of the toughest challenges in Commerce. 

Speakers from Norwegian Cruise Lines, Crocs, Mary Kay and Guitar Center, among many others will share ideas, best practices and tactics to improve customer experience and increase key performance metrics as we address key trends shaping the industry.

Doubling Down on OTT

It's no secret that digital video entertainment is in the midst of a massive transformation that includes the way content is packaged, distributed and consumed. The days of consumers demanding large cable TV packages and renting feverishly from local video stores are a distant past. Today, electronic consumer media spend has already surpassed physical, the words "skinny bundle" have crept into our vocabulary and those of us in the US are now more likely to belong to a broadband enabled household that subscribes to an OTT video service than not. Streaming services that offer ubiquitous access to quality premium video content at an affordable price are currently all the rage. As new and existing services jockey for position to secure consumer mindshare, it's apparent OTT as whole will continue to be a critical growth area as recent data predicts the OTT video market to grow at a CAGR of 18.40% from 2014-2019.

Mobile is Feeding My #FreeBrady Obsession

As a New Englander and avid Patriots fan, I have been obsessed with watching everything #FreeBrady related.  I can't get enough.  Short of reading the entire 243-page Wells report - Snooze - I want to watch everything that is going on with deflategate in order to support my favorite QB against all the haters out there.  

Q2 SOTI Security Preview: Tor Pros and Cons

The Q2 2015 State of the Internet Security Report (SOTI Security) is due out in the next couple of weeks, and today we continue previewing various sections. 

Tuesday we told you about security risks that come into play when third-party plug-ins are used with Wordpress. Yesterday we looked at attack vectors the bad guys favored in Q2. Today we look at the security risks businesses face when using Tor.

The Q2 2015 State of the Internet Security Report (SOTI Security) is due out in the next couple of weeks, and today we continue previewing various sections.

Yesterday we told you about security risks that come into play when third-party plug-ins are used with Wordpress. Today we look at attack vectors the bad guys favored in Q2.

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