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The Akamai Media team is hard at work putting together a completely new experience for you at NAB this year - you'll actually be able to walk through an OTT workflow and see firsthand what Akamai is doing to help you get your content and media files online faster, for delivery to bigger audiences at the highest quality. Stay tuned for more exciting details as the show approaches.

Going Big with eSports

Electronic Arts recently announced the launch of their new division, focused entirely on esports. Within weeks, Activision, who had already launched its own esports department, announced they were acquiring MLG, one of the key brands in competitive gaming.

Game Tech Vs. Art Vs. Business

Do you remember when Roger Ebert declared that video games can never be art? Many of my friends in the industry threw themselves (metaphorically) on the floor in fits of rage, as if Ebert was nearby and could hear them.

Join Akamai at D.I.C.E.

I'm not a Vegas kind of guy. It's the heat mostly, but I think it's a gamble to put $1.25 in a hotel vending machine, hoping all the way that my corn chips don't get stuck on the dispenser rings. As such, it's a very big deal when I go to Vegas on purpose, and an even bigger deal when I can say I'm excited about it.

CBS Breaks Super Bowl Streaming Records

Congratulations to CBS for delivering the most streamed Super Bowl in history.  According to official CBS numbers and a report by Streaming Mediathe Super Bowl 50 live stream drew 3.96 million unique viewers who watched for an average of 101 minutes each. Viewers consumed more than 315 million minutes of coverage during the showdown between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, with an average audience size of 1.4 million. These are all new records for a Super Bowl live stream.

By Nelson Chao and Will Law


On November 30 in Los Angeles, Nokia Technologies held a launch event to announce the availability of the OZO, a first-of-its kind 3D 360-degree virtual reality (VR) camera, which is defining a new category in professional VR capture. To demonstrate the camera's capabilities, Nokia Technologies partnered with Akamai to deliver a live stream using the Akamai Network. Nokia Technologies used an OZO to live stream a performance by California surf-rock band Best Coast from atop the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood to guests and press at the event in downtown Los Angeles, who got to watch via VR headsets. 

Akamai at CES 2016

The Akamai Media Delivery team is looking forward to seeing you at CES 2016!  One of the major themes we expect to hear a lot about at CES this year is OTT, or Over-The-Top delivery of premium video content over the internet, without the accompanying ownership of the distribution network.  

Quality Joins Content on Video Streaming Throne

Within the media industry, we've been told for years that "content is king". With the quickly evolving OTT landscape, I'd argue that the industry is now looking more like a diarchy than a monarchy, with "quality" serving as a second but equal king. 

Akamai Earns Perfect Fives in Streaming Media 100

We're humbled and honored that Akamai was one of only three companies to earn a perfect '5' rating from every judge in this year's Streaming Media 100. The annual list includes "The One Hundred Companies that Matter Most in Online Video," highlighting those considered to be the "most interesting, important and influential" in the industry, according to the publication.

Akamai, iOS 9 and App Transport Security (ATS)

For app developers who use or are looking to use Akamai application acceleration services, we've provided the following information to help you understand how our services comply with Apple iOS 9 App Transport Security (ATS) requirements. 

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