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Dear Developer: Are you ready for the holidays?

Dear Web & App Developer,


I trust that by now you have completed all your design, development and testing for the changes you've made to your web sites, e-shops and mobile apps and are planning to take time off during the holiday season.

Dynamic Page Caching: Beyond Static Content

Caching static content at the edge, like images and scripts, is only the beginning in terms of offloading requests from the origin and giving users the best experience. Dynamic content has long been thought of as a web resource that can serve different content for the same URI (Uniform Resource Indicator). A common misconception is that this content is always non-cacheable. When you break it down further, you realize that often times there are specific conditions that need to be met to produce different content, and that these conditions can be predefined. Caching more content not only reduces page load times, providing a more responsive site for its users, but also frees up computing cycles at you origin infrastructure to service transactional requests such as inventory checks, adds to the cart, and check-out more effectively.

Cloudpiercer Discovery Tool

Researchers have released details of a tool that allows users to discover origin servers. Researchers call it Cloudpiercer, which uses a number of techniques to locate origin servers' IP addresses.

The Cloudpiercer tool bundles several previously known methods with some stated new ones to simplify the reconnaissance against targets. It's a reconnaissance tool, not an attack tool. A potential attacker may use similar methods to search for a customer's datacenter IP addresses or netblock(s) but will have to use other services or technologies to perform an actual DDoS or web application attack.

Akamai's Security Intelligence Research Team (SIRT) has analyzed the methods used by the tool and offers the following observations.

It seems like holiday promotions have already started for many retailers and the promotion timetables are even earlier than last year. On a recent trip through my local big box retailer I noticed that Christmas decorations are already out, just one aisle down from the Halloween decorations. 

Akamai Earns Perfect Fives in Streaming Media 100

We're humbled and honored that Akamai was one of only three companies to earn a perfect '5' rating from every judge in this year's Streaming Media 100. The annual list includes "The One Hundred Companies that Matter Most in Online Video," highlighting those considered to be the "most interesting, important and influential" in the industry, according to the publication.

For close to two decades now, businesses have discovered opportunities to use Internet-based interactive applications to improve or expand their "brick and mortar" businesses. Now, whether its retail, wholesale, manufacturing or services, the vast majority of businesses in North America, Europe and Asia have found a way to use web and mobile to change their economics and operations.

All of this is pretty obvious, even to the casual observer, but there is a problem.

A pharmaceutical company decides to go global for a lot of reasons: Perhaps they want to expand into developing markets that are less saturated. Or they may need to conduct global clinical trials to get broader and more diverse participant base.

The KPI You're Not Measuring But Should Be

As we head into the holiday season, retailers have begun preparing their organization and technology for the surge in online and offline traffic. New hires, new technologies and new procedures are being implemented to ensure a smooth, successful selling period. Success won't only be measured by revenue, though that is the primary figure, but also by traffic, conversion rates, average order value, and numerous data points around customer loyalty (how many repeat visitors, buyers, how much (more) did they buy, etc.)

Akamai and Quantum Dawn 3 - That's a Wrap!

On September 16, 2015 the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMAconducted Quantum Dawn 3, the third in a series of cyber attack exercises against the capital markets industry.  Over 650 people from more than 80 firms and government agencies participated in the exercise.  And this year, for the first time, Akamai was invited to take part.

Ghosts Haunt Internet II: Android Malware

<p>Android fans were probably chuckling over the XcodeGhost malware news - hackers don't often penetrate Apple's defenses. This provoked the Nominum, now part of Akamai, Data Science team to take a look at what's happening with malware targeting Android. Common wisdom is Android is exposed because there's less rigor in the development and supply chain, and third-party app stores with no protections are popular. Determined hackers can allegedly subvert defenses and get various kinds of exploits placed on mobile devices running the highly popular operating system. But what does the data show?</p>