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Understanding Brotli's Potential

When it comes to compression on the web, GZIP reigns supreme. In the 18 years since GZIP was first supported by browsers, other compression methods have been introduced but none have matched GZIP's combination of speed, support and results.

The information security community is losing its collective mind because actors from the much-maligned "CSI: Cyber" TV series are on the keynote schedule for RSA Conference 2016. A lot of analysis has been devoted to RSA's decision. In this episode of the Security Kahuna Podcast, Akamai security's Bill Brenner, Dave Lewis and Martin McKeay weigh in. Also discussed: Some tiny coming attractions for the Q4 2015 State of the Internet Security Report.

I recently spoke with Insurance CIO Outlook Magazine in response to an award Akamai received as a top 10 security provider for insurers. As part of the discussion, I shared the importance of security for insurance digital transformation.

Changing the Rules of the Game

A common defensive rule of information security is that once you detect an attack against your organization's Web applications, you must mitigate the attack by stopping it. In other words: "stop it once you can."

But what if the rules of the defenders vs. attackers "game" have changed and the teams are not playing in the same league anymore? For example, here are some of the "game" changers from recent years:

How your caching strategy will evolve with Fast Purge?

After having fine tuned every knob, switch, and slider to maximize cacheability on the Akamai Network, you head over to look at the offload graph hovering at a hair under 100 percent, taking immense pride in what you've accomplished. All in a day's work! The next morning rolls around and you come to find out that the Marketing team is launching a promotion to increase customer engagement and sales that requires a major update to the homepage... the kind of launch that requires removing objects from cache and re-publishing new ones, all within the instance it takes to split an atom into its elements.

By Nelson Chao and Will Law


On November 30 in Los Angeles, Nokia Technologies held a launch event to announce the availability of the OZO, a first-of-its kind 3D 360-degree virtual reality (VR) camera, which is defining a new category in professional VR capture. To demonstrate the camera's capabilities, Nokia Technologies partnered with Akamai to deliver a live stream using the Akamai Network. Nokia Technologies used an OZO to live stream a performance by California surf-rock band Best Coast from atop the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood to guests and press at the event in downtown Los Angeles, who got to watch via VR headsets. 

OpenSSL Security Updates

On Jan. 28, 2016, OpenSSL released a new version of OpenSSL software. This release contains (among others) two potentially important security fixes to which we would like to draw your attention:

  • SSLv2 does not block disabled ciphers (CVE-2015-3197) and
  • DH small subgroups (CVE-2016-0701)

Akamai would like to inform you that our customers are not vulnerable to these issues on our delivery platform, however, customers should confirm that their origin servers are not exposed to these two issues. Here are some additional details about these two fixes.

How to Start Optimizing in an H/2 World

If there was ever a truism it is that technology is rapidly evolving under our feet.  What was right today, is likely to be sub-optimal tomorrow.  This situation can cause a sense of paralysis leading to delayed action because next week the "Next Great Thing" is coming soon.  With the advent of HTTP/2 (h2) that translates to holding off on optimizing your web properties.  When you have large portions of your user base on h2 and a similarly large portion on h1, you need to double your efforts to keep up!

The discussions among the insurance industry participants at Akamai's Edge conference this past October were fascinating. It was abundantly clear, that there are major shifts ahead that will set the course for where the industry is headed in the long-term. Although the insurance industry as a whole has been less agile, heavily burdened by legacy systems and is really one of the last data-driven businesses to realize a full digital disruption, the tides are definitely changing.

Make Your Infrastructure Vanish

Are you delivering or thinking of delivering your web presence or application through a CDN? The many reasons to do so are well documented. Your site will be faster, more reliable, and you will require less data centre bandwidth and infrastructure. All this leads to a better user experience, which affects profitability, customer retention, conversation rates, etc. But this post isn't about why you should use a CDN. We're going to examine why you should hide your hosting presence (the Origin as we refer to it) from the Internet and how to do it.