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There's been a lot of buzz about digital transformation. For me, the transformation is really about service providers delighting their customers. The other day I was speaking with a provider in EMEA that recently did a pilot with our Reach subscriber communications solution to up-sell higher data usage options to subscribers who are at 80% of bandwidth. We see this use case every day, especially as video streaming usage is escalating. The pilot was so successful that they're now rolling out a program to their entire subscriber base. Digital transformation is really about thinking of customers, their changing needs, and device and communication preferences, and meeting them where they are most likely to pay attention.

By Bill Brenner, Senior Tech Writer, Akamai SIRT

Retail was hit hard in Q1 2016 by malicious actors who targeted the business sector with web application attacks. That is among the findings in the State of the Internet Security Report for the first quarter of the year.

Microsoft today announced general availability of Azure CDN from Akamai, an integration of Akamai's global CDN capabilities into the Microsoft Azure cloud platform that allows Azure users to instantly provision and go live with Akamai CDN within minutes. This follows our initial announcement of the partnership back in September, after which a host of companies have successfully previewed the unified solution.

Akamai Gaming Moscow Style

If you happen to be passing near Moscow this week, I suggest two things:

We're discussing the big impact that the entire games industry is going to feel from the shift in how players preorder and purchase games. The AAA studios are driving significant shifts in the preorder model, and it will impact you, whether you're ready or not.

Akamai's Network to Be Powered by the Sun and the Wind

Akamai's purpose is to propel our customers faster forward by making the Internet business-ready: fast, reliable and secure. And now, also green and clean. Today we are committing, by 2020, to reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions below 2015 levels by sourcing renewable energy for 50 percent of our network operations.

By Mike Kun, Manager, Akamai SIRT

Extortion attacks have risen since DD4BC kicked things off last year. DD4BC peaked in July and the Armada Collective took over after that, sending out emails threatening attacks unless the victim(s) made ransom payments in bitcoins.

The most recent round involved many ransom demand letters, but, as far as many observers can tell, very little follow through.

Now we have Lizard Squad, or at least, someone claiming to be that group, spamming over 70 Akamai customers with identical ransom demands, all of which seemed to be copied from the Armada Collective emails.

I've tended to be a bit of a cheap gamer (with appropriate shout outs to my idol and friend Cheapy D). More than looking for great deals on the latest games, I usually just buy LAST YEAR'S amazing games, at a steep discount. Digital distribution, at least on consoles, hasn't caught up to this trend, which means I've been stuck with piles of plastic discs in my house, as a way to take advantage of great prices.

Akamai Security Researcher Or Katz was recently published at InfoSecurity talking about how to defend against web application account takeovers with cloud security intelligence.

This blog post is part of an ongoing series where we will discuss a wide range of H2-related topics.

In today's post, the second of a two-part "series within a series", we will continue our discussion regarding the challenges and importance of prioritization of streams in leveraging HTTP/2 to achieve performance improvement.

Performance matters. A tale of video games

I'm the center of the universe. Aren't you?

Most people who works on games have a self-centered view. The lead artist figures the player cares the most about character designs and expansive vistas. The composer knows that players are moved first and foremost by the swell of the opening music. The multiplayer designer is certain that players couldn't care less about campaigns, and only notice well-balanced PvP.