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Last night I watched an On Demand episode of The American Experience titled Blackout, which recounted the 1977 power failure in New York City and its lasting impact on city due to widespread looting and destruction. With the power completely out, the operators at Con Ed got to work restoring power using a manual that was last updated after another massive blackout - in 1965.

Innovation vs. Risk & Compliance in Financial Services

Innovation and investment in FinTech is seemingly all around us in financial services. Hundreds of articles in the press, and dozens of financial services conferences on digital currencies, automated investment advice, investment in innovation labs by banks, the future Internet of Things and more, lead us to believe that innovation is thriving in banking and financial services. But is it really?

Akamai Showcases Client Reputation at Finovate

Last month Akamai returned to the Finovate stage in London, presenting our Client Reputation security product to a record-setting crowd of 1,250 attendees from leading financial services firms from across Europe and around the world. This marked our third time on stage at Finovate, since our first demo of Kona Site Defender at Finovate New York back in 2012.


Can the Bitcoin World Adapt to the Regulatory World?

In July the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) proposed comprehensive regulations for virtual currencies including Bitcoin.  Under this 40 page proposal, DFS would issue BitLicenses to companies that meet certain criteria.   Although BitLicenses would not be required for most merchants or consumers, for most others, a BitLicense will be required for any virtual currency business activity. 

How will these regulations impact the Bitcoin industry, and can the industry adapt to these new requirements?

Let's take a look at the major elements of the regulation.

How would you rate your last "Mobile Moment"?

One of the best parts of my job is speaking with our customers about their business challenges, and my favorite topic is the mobile user experience. Recently I spoke with the CEO of one of our financial services customers about their challenge to understand and deliver the right mobile experience to both the phone and the tablet.

Like many discussion around mobile experience, your top-of-mind thoughts and ideas come not from scientific market research or customer polls, but directly from your own personal experience - in this case, the CEO's most recent "mobile moment".

The Flash Crash 4 Years Later: Ready for the Next One?

May 6, 2010 started like most days in the stock market. A few minutes before the U.S. equities markets opened at 9:30 AM, leading brokerage firms opened their internal "market open" conference calls. This is a common practice in the industry: get internal representatives from IT operations, networking, market data systems, software development, etc. on the phone together. Run through checklists making sure all systems are ready for the opening bell at 9:30 AM. Discuss the expected opening rush. What happened in the Asia and European markets overnight? How are the S&P futures looking? Do we have all our web servers up? Are we green? Anyone reporting yellow? OK everyone, continue monitoring your systems as the market opens at 9:30.

FFIEC DDoS Notice: The next step in the evolution of DDoS

The joint statement issued in early April by the FFIEC should come as no surprise to the banking and finance community in the U.S. Beginning in 2012 and continuing throughout most of 2013, banks suffered massive DDoS attacks, with dozens of banks attacked during 2013, and up to 50 banks attacked in a single week. A response from regulators such as this is part of the ongoing evolution of DDoS and information security for the financial sector, and is a positive step forward for the industry.

Brobot: Alive and Well in 2014

2013 was an absolute nightmare for many US banks, as they were targeted with massive DDoS attacks by the QCF as part of their Operation Ababil attacks. At Akamai we observed up to 20 banks being attacked in some weeks in 2013, and Akamai successfully protected our banking customers from these large attacks.
Overall, we can look back on 2013 and feel very good about the results for the industry as a whole. Earlier in the year I recall a survey stating that over 40% of bankers expected another financial crisis in the near future. Thankfully that didn't happen. Other good news for 2013: no European country defaulted; the Euro held together; home prices in the U.S. are up; the S&P 500 went up an incredible 30%; the U.S job market the best since 2008; and last but not least, my youngest son is graduating from college and the job market for new grads is the best it has been in years!
EdgeBanner.pngI'm pleased to invite you to our 6th Akamai Edge 2013 this October 7 - 11 in Washington, D.C. at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Conference Center. Join us and meet up with more than 1,000 of your industry peers and our best line-up yet of industry innovators, as we create the experiences that to drive a Faster Forward World

Our Biggest and Best Customer Conference Yet! 
More sessions, tracks and networking opportunities that have all been designed to provide a broader and more diverse perspective for conference attendees. 

What's New To Help Fuel Your Innovation! 
This Year we'll be offering a Developers' Track - dedicated to technical professionals seeking to develop new experiences leveraging our platform. We'll have sessions on how to bring applications to market more quickly and intimate developer labs giving you detailed insight on how to get the most out of new features in our platform. We're also pleased to introduce the Web Security Symposium, designed for security professionals. Security leaders and your peers will help you think about strategies for securing your organization's data, sites and applications against the ever-evolving threats of today's online environment. 

We're extremely excited about the agenda and the lineup of well-known industry luminaries and tech experts who will be presenting at Edge 2013. So much so that we're introducing new conference discounts to help make attending Edge as easy as possible for all Akamai customers. 

Three Ways to Save: 
  • New Customer Discount: If your company first purchased Akamai services after January 1, 2013, you're eligible to receive a $300 discount on the Full Conference pass. Enter code: 50NEW2013 
  • Edge Alumni Discount: If you've attended an Akamai conference before now you're eligible to receive US$300 off your conference seat. Enter code: ALUM2013 
  • Team Discount: Visit Akamai Edge 2012 With Your Team of 3 or more and save 50% per person. Enter code: GROUP2013 

From customer innovation stories, industry panels, technical labs, partner and government forums to Web security and developers' tracks, there's something for everyone at Edge 2013. Space is limited and by invitation only so we encourage you not to wait and REGISTER TODAY

Join us and be inspired. I look forward to seeing you there! 

Brad Rinklin 
Chief Marking Officer, Akamai
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