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What is an Atom Feed?

Atom Feed is a way to receive regularly updated web content and gather it in one place for easy reading. Instead of constantly checking multiple blogs, news sites, podcasts and other sources throughout the day, one can subscribe to atom feeds with a news / RSS reader, which will automatically keep itself updated with the latest developments as they happen. It's an efficient and pain-free method of keeping tabs on the world, and Akamai Blog's atom feed is a great place to start.

How to Subscribe

After setting up your news/RSS reader you will be ready to use Akamai Blog's Atom feeds. To subscribe to one or more feeds,

  1. Right-click (cntr-click on Mac) on "Akamai Blog Feed" link above
  2. Select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" to copy the location (URL) of the service.
  3. Follow the instructions for your particular news / RSS reader, pasting the location wherever it asks for the location of the service you wish to subscribe to.


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