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Getting the most out of your branch local connection

In our global world of business, organizations often have multiple branch offices spanning every country. Some of these branches are quite large with their own IT infrastructure and personnel, while some are very small with just a few employees. In the past, these branch offices were connected to the main office using MPLS or other connectivity in a hub-and-spoke topology. Today, however, many enterprises are adding local Internet break-outs to the branch offices to boost Internet connectivity speed. In addition, as many applications are now cloud-hosted, this provides redundancy without dependency on connectivity to the central office.

Many of our customers conducting business in Europe are concerned about how the new General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") impacts the ability to protect their organization's data, network and IT system resources. In particular, many worry that the requirements of GDPR will restrict their abilities to decrypt, analyze or log networking traffic for security purposes. However, enterprises needn't worry, as GDPR actually does permit these types of security controls.