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Besuchen Sie unsere virtuellen, interaktiven Sessions und erfahren Sie mehr zu technischen Themen, die für Sie wichtig sind. Jede Sitzung bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, sich mit Akamai-Experten auszutauschen, um Anwendungsfälle kennenzulernen, mögliche Schwachstellen frühzeitig zu entschärfen und mehr über die verschiedenen Akamai-Lösungen zu erfahren.

Eine technische Sitzung beginnt mit einer 30-minütigen Präsentation, gefolgt von einer 15-minütigen Q&A für individuelle Fragen. Die Webinare haben ein mittleres bis tiefes technisches Niveau und werden in englischer Sprache abgehalten. Sie werden mit WebEx Events durchgeführt, aufgezeichnet und später allen Teilnehmern zur Verfügung gestellt.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme.

English version:

Join our virtual, interactive sessions for a tech deep dive into topics that matter to you. Each session will provide you with the opportunity to connect with Akamai experts to examine use cases, how to mitigate vulnerabilities, and deep dive into Akamai solution environments.

A technical session starts with a 30-minute presentation, followed by a 15-minute Q&A for individual questions. The webinars have a medium to deep technical level and will be held in English. They are hosted on WebEx Events and will be recorded and made available later to all attendees.

We are looking forward to your participation.


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03. December 2020


Tech Workshop: Surging DDoS Attacks During a Pandemic

Tim Westlake

Cloud Security Architect

In this workshop, we take a tech deep dive into DDoS attacks we have witnessed on our platform. We provide considerations to be taken when deciding on mitigation strategies, and advice on how to survive a DDoS attack with minimum damage. We also provide insight into the experiences of emergency onboarding we have executed during the pandemic.

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21. January 2021


Tech Workshop: How Safe Are Your Scripts?

Alex Haberl, Senior Solutions Engineer

Don't think you're susceptible to JavaScript attacks? Think again. The rise of JavaScript is unstoppable, which leads to increased complexity and new vulnerabilities exploited by malicious actors. In this session, we will explore the JavaScript ecosystem and discuss how you can protect your users from web skimming or form jacking attacks, hence avoiding GDPR violations.

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3. February 2021


Best practices building, testing and deploying Akamai Edge Workers

Tim Vereecke, Principal Technical Solutions Architect

Learn best practices building, deploying and testing your EdgeWorker and EdgeKV JavaScript code running at the Edge. After this session you will be more comfortable and productive writing your first real EdgeWorker use case. We will use a few live examples to guide you through the simple process and uncover design patterns and choices.

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25. February 2021


Tech Workshop: What's New at the Edge?

Eberhard Scheuble, Senior Solutions Engineer

Over-the-air software updates are increasingly critical to keep a device, machine, or other "things" running smoothly. Using IoT Edge Connect addresses key problems with updates -- how to trigger clients to download and install the update, and how to track in real time the update status of each client. Part of the webinar is a demo how IoT Edge Connect can amplify the effectiveness of a software update management system.

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10. March 2020


Successful onboarding on Akamai China CDN

YingAn Quian, Technical Program Manager

What you need to prepare before onboarding Akamai China CDN. In this session we will walk you through the Chinese government regulations & policies on ICP registration for delivering your website content in China mainland.

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25. March 2021


Tech Workshop: How to Combat Credential Stuffing

Robert Groom, Senior Solutions Engineer

Understanding credential stuffing -- and the difference between good and bad bot traffic -- is essential for the security and performance of your websites and applications. In this session, we will examine ways to identify credential abuse attacks from website traffic patterns using both Akamai security reporting tools and third-party log analysis engines. We will also cover tips to align your risk and bot prevention strategies.

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7. April 2021


DevOps, using Property Manager API and the Akamai CLI

Mike Elissen, Developer Advocate

Automating your Akamai solutions is easier than you think using our Akamai Developer toolbox consisting of Akamai APIs and command-line interface. In this session, we will show demos of how to get started and common Dev(Sec)Ops use cases.

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22. April 2021


Tech Workshop: How to Master SEO by Tuning for Crawlers

Tim Vereecke, Principal Technical Solutions Architect

Many performance optimisations make sense for end users but are counterproductive for bots. This session takes a deep dive into how to tune your Akamai configurations for search engine crawlers. You will learn how intelligently disabling optimisations for bots can speed up performance, resulting in lower traffic, better insights, and a maximised crawl budget.

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12. May 2021


Get the most out of Video & Image Manager: Tips and Tricks

Tim Vereecke, Principal Technical Solutions Architect

Akamai Image Manager has many hidden gems. In this session you will learn interesting tricks and techniques from a website with 3 million different images. We will explain how to find the perfect balance between quality, performance and offload. Next, we will share how to create appealing social sharing images and a smart way to protect against hotlinking.

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9. June 2021


Dynamic Page Caching - improve your offload

Alex Androsov, Solutions Engineer

In this session, we'll challenge the concept of "uncacheable content" and look at ways to get higher offload for your origin by using different techniques known as Dynamic Page Caching. Visit this session to learn more about cache keys, purging, how to cache targeted content, and how to cure your CDN of the "short-term memory loss".

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7. July 2021


Certificate Provisioning System: Akamai and Certificates

Bartek Jakubowski, Solutions Engineer

With the raise of DV certificates, the Internet is moving strongly towards HTTPS only. Creating and Managing SSL/TLS certificates along with the SSL/TLS configurations is a starting point for any CDN configuration. In this session you will learn about the certificate types Akamai supports, the certificate lifecycle as well as validation processes and options to configure your SSL/TLS server settings on Akamai.

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