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The Boston Globe Names Akamai a 'Top Place to Work'

Akamai is one of the best places to work in Massachusetts according to The Boston Globe's "Top Places to Work in 2013" survey. Akamai placed sixth in the "largest employers" category, moving up eight spots from last year, and was listed among the highest-ranking technology companies overall in the state.

TPTW 2013 logos blog.jpeg
Employees from our Cambridge, Mass., headquarters were among nearly 76,000 respondents to a survey commissioned by The Boston Globe. To help determine the rankings, the survey considered six key factors related to employee happiness: company direction, execution, employee connection, work load and responsibility, management, and pay and benefits.

Organizations need to offer quality career growth opportunities and the ability to "work with good, smart people," Jim Gemmell, Akamai's chief human resources officer, told The Boston Globe during an executive roundtable. The conversation included four technology leaders discussing their respective recruitment techniques and workplace culture.

Robert Hughes, president of worldwide operations for Akamai, called it a "tremendous honor" for Akamai to maintain its place as one of Massachusetts' top employers and considered it a "true testament to those who work here." He said the continued acknowledgement validates Akamai's efforts to provide exceptional experiences for employees as well as customers.

If you're interested in learning more about building a career at Akamai in Massachusetts or any of our offices around the world, we encourage you to visit our careers page. You can also follow @akamaijobs on Twitter.

Chris Nicholson is a senior public relations manager at Akamai.

Tweets of the Week: 11/11 - 11/15

For years at Akamai, I have spoken at conferences and with customers about the future of the WAN.  While the title of my presentations may have varied - "Next-Generation WAN Services", "How to Redesign your WAN", "Preparing for the Convergence of Private WAN and Internet" - my view has not.  Network architectures need to undergo a huge transformation.  Why?  The increased amount of web traffic finding its way within enterprise private networks.  It's inevitable due to increased adoption of public cloud services, video and other business or recreational traffic.

Mixing web traffic with other business traffic inside the corporate network creates a lot of strain.  The majority of enterprises today still backhaul traffic from the branch office to the data-center to access the Internet.  The primary reason is for security as it is easier to lock-down a small Internet access points as opposed to going "direct-to-net" at every branch and having to protect all of these locations.  The downside to this approach is the performance impact it has for users in the branch office as their traffic is unnecessarily being routed around large distances, along with scalability challenges as bandwidth available at the branch is limited.  Even for those branches that do connect entirely direct to net, you'll still have to bring the optimizations into the last mile, to solve for scalability and performance.  Ultimately, I believe enterprises will increasingly mix and match their Internet strategies for the branch using techniques like direct to net, split tunnel and path selection depending on factors such as security, quality of service, application type and cost.

Today, we announced that Akamai has been developing new technology which we call Akamai Unified Performance that brings application performance "behind the firewall" and into the branch office.  With more than 1,000 Commerce, Retail, Hotel and Travel customers, many of these customers have asked us to help them move their Omnichannel initiatives forward as the digital experience increasingly extends beyond home and mobile into their brick and mortar stores.  One of our customers, Marks & Spencer, recently shared that their shoppers spend 8x as much if they can engage them in all three channels.  But enabling the in store Omnichannel experience requires a new approach to the retail store network, as highlighted in this white paper. It involves a whole bunch of new optimizations that allow retailers to extend their investment and experience with Akamai on the web and get those same optimizations into the store - while also accelerating lots of other 3rd party content delivered by Akamai given the Intelligent Platform already delvers 15-30% of all web traffic.

We also announced today that Akamai and Cisco are working together for future integration of Akamai Unified Performance into the Cisco ISR AX series of routers and we showed a working prototype on the main stage at Edge 13.  The intent is to co-develop enterprise network offerings with Cisco aimed at delivering the world's first combined Intelligent Wide Area Network (IWAN) Optimization solution that provides a high quality end user experience for both public and private cloud applications to all remote offices.  You'll be hearing more from us when products are brought to market, but there are so many possibilities when you think about the routing, performance optimization and security capabilities both companies bring to the table which can overcome existing challenges associated with branch office network architectures and the user experience.

It's an exciting day for the enterprise WAN (and me).   Read more at www.akamai.com/cisco

Neil Cohen - VP Global Product Marketing, Akamai

"The future of the Internet lies on the hands of developers and architects."

While this statement sounds really great, I can't take the credit for it. The original quote comes from Tom Leighton himself, co-founder and CEO of Akamai, in a video introducing Akamai {OPEN}, part of the Akamai Open Platform Initiative.

Akamai has become one of the most reliable and popular web platforms, handling up to 30 percent of total web traffic on any given day. What that means is that virtually every user in the word surfing the web is at some point helped by Akamai to improve and secure the Internet experience. And, this kind of insight really puts the Akamai Intelligent Platform in a unique position for helping companies to gain better understanding and control over their business.

At the same time, as Tom says, the future of the Internet will be driven by those who create things; those who understand market needs; and those who create applications to address these needs and tackle problems.

And because of this, we needed to answer two important questions:

"How can we, from this privileged position, fuel the innovation the market is demanding?"

"How can we make sure our customers get the most out of their investment in Akamai while embracing new market trends (if not needs), such as a solid cloud computing strategy?'

As mentioned earlier, today we announced the Akamai Open Platform Initiative. And fundamentally, this new program provides our answer to the previous questions. Akamai has worked intensively to extend the capacities of the platform, so developers, partners and customers can take more control of their interaction with the Akamai Intelligent Platform, multiplying the reach and scope of their applications.

This, again, sounds great. But you may be wondering what does it effectively mean? Or more simply put, what would I say if I were talking to you over a cup of coffee (apart of eventually asking you to take the bill). Let's slice and dice this strategy.

The Open Platform Initiative is, ultimately, a new way for not only to our customer, but also a wide community of developers to interact with Akamai. We work tirelessly to create better services every day and this initiative is all about giving developers, customers and partners greater freedom in the way these services are consumed. We have opened up our core technology,granting more insight and more control through program elements including:

  • A developer website (developer.akamai.com) where we are exposing APIs so Akamai services can be consumed, edited and monitored programmatically. The great thing is that it enables developers to integrate Akamai services with other technologies.
  • A newly designed Luna Control Center customer portal providing greater self-serviceability. For example, Property Manager is a new tool that allows customers to fully edit, control and manage the behavior of Akamai Intelligent Platform™ in relation to their sites and applications. And even though I call myself a fan, it seems that I am not the only one. We are observing great customer adoption both in frequency and intensity of use. We've also added capabilities such as Predictive and Intelligent Alerts, support for Single Sign On and simplified User Management (the ability to drag and drop widgets to personalize your view of Akamai assets) as part of the Open Platform Initiative.

Property Manager Adoption.png

  • A significant group of Integration Services that range from providing real time access to relevant big cloud data to executing customer's business workflow tasks -- all of which can be integrated with third-party technologies to create a wider scope of applications.
I like to say that the Akamai Open Platform Initiative is part of the process of 'cloudifying' Akamai. While this word may sound a bit weird, we are used to hearing that a particular site, one which kept performing smoothly even during an attack did so because it was 'akamaized', right?

Never more true than today, you have the power of Akamai, and then, potentially, the next big thing in the Internet, at your fingertips.

Miguel Serrano Palacio is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Akamai
EdgeBanner.pngI'm pleased to invite you to our 6th Akamai Edge 2013 this October 7 - 11 in Washington, D.C. at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Conference Center. Join us and meet up with more than 1,000 of your industry peers and our best line-up yet of industry innovators, as we create the experiences that to drive a Faster Forward World

Our Biggest and Best Customer Conference Yet! 
More sessions, tracks and networking opportunities that have all been designed to provide a broader and more diverse perspective for conference attendees. 

What's New To Help Fuel Your Innovation! 
This Year we'll be offering a Developers' Track - dedicated to technical professionals seeking to develop new experiences leveraging our platform. We'll have sessions on how to bring applications to market more quickly and intimate developer labs giving you detailed insight on how to get the most out of new features in our platform. We're also pleased to introduce the Web Security Symposium, designed for security professionals. Security leaders and your peers will help you think about strategies for securing your organization's data, sites and applications against the ever-evolving threats of today's online environment. 

We're extremely excited about the agenda and the lineup of well-known industry luminaries and tech experts who will be presenting at Edge 2013. So much so that we're introducing new conference discounts to help make attending Edge as easy as possible for all Akamai customers. 

Three Ways to Save: 
  • New Customer Discount: If your company first purchased Akamai services after January 1, 2013, you're eligible to receive a $300 discount on the Full Conference pass. Enter code: 50NEW2013 
  • Edge Alumni Discount: If you've attended an Akamai conference before now you're eligible to receive US$300 off your conference seat. Enter code: ALUM2013 
  • Team Discount: Visit Akamai Edge 2012 With Your Team of 3 or more and save 50% per person. Enter code: GROUP2013 

From customer innovation stories, industry panels, technical labs, partner and government forums to Web security and developers' tracks, there's something for everyone at Edge 2013. Space is limited and by invitation only so we encourage you not to wait and REGISTER TODAY

Join us and be inspired. I look forward to seeing you there! 

Brad Rinklin 
Chief Marking Officer, Akamai

As we know, many of the world's leading commerce companies trust Akamai.  What about other mid-sized and smaller businesses and online retailers who are looking for acceleration and improvement of their site performance?  How is Akamai helping them succeed in their online business?  

Legendary Whitetails, a customer through our partner MICROS Retail, is a great success story in showcasing how a family-owned retailer offering unique causal apparel, gifts and gear for whitetail hunters can boost site performance, increase revenue and brand engagement and support its largest traffic day by leveraging Akamai's Aqua Web Solutions.

With no physical locations, Legendary Whitetails relies on its Web site as its primary storefront.  They are always seeking ways to improve the site experience because they know this leaves a lasting impression on their shoppers.  The retailer couldn't afford to disappoint their shoppers or lose sales due to a sluggish site.  They also needed to flawlessly handle traffic spikes associated with holiday shopping and promotions.  As a result, they went with Akamai.

Legendary Whitetails is using Akamai to deliver all of its site dynamic content and images.  Since implementing the Akamai solutions, the retailer has realized tremendous benefits.  It has offloaded 72% of its dynamic content to the Akamai platform, resulting in overall site performance improvement of nearly 200% on average.  It has also accelerated the delivery of dynamic content by 180%.  In fact, these improvements have made it possible for Legendary Whitetails to support its largest traffic day - 40,000 site visitors and over 650,000 page views - on Cyber Monday.

According to Ryan Johnson, eCommerce Manager at Legendary Whitetails, "Akamai is a key contributor in allowing us to grow 20% and achieve record sales in 2012.  We are also very encouraged that the solution will provide us with the capacity to maintain similar growth rates for the years to come."

To learn more about this customer case study, please click here.  By leveraging the Akamai platform, Legendary Whitetails is enabled to deliver content at scale, improve conversion rates and drive sales revenues.

Helen Yang is a public relations manager at Akamai

Akamai Edge 2012

Here in Las Vegas, Akamai Edge 2012 is off to a great start. Customers have arrived from dozens of countries across the globe. The Aria is buzzing and we're so glad everyone has finally made it.  It is so great to have employees, customers, and partners of Akamai all in the same place ready to share their knowledge- networking is in full swing! 
In the last two days, we've heard from dozens of global customers and the stories are fantastic. We're hearing about all the ways they're accelerating innovation and transforming Web Experiences in today's Hyperconnected World. Akamai customers really know how to embrace the digital world and move business faster forward!
Macy's, GREE, and The Hartford taught us more about building for scale and staying organized to enhance the online experience. That will be helpful as the holidays get closer and closer. We also heard from IBM about performance tuning and Airbnb about content-driven mobile experiences--it's unbelievable what a smartphone can do these days.  
Last night's Welcome Reception was a great success! From the music to performers and ice sculptures serving the Leighton Elixer - quite the global experience!  
Day 2 was just as packed as Day One, just as filled with knowledge about the modern digital world. HP kicked off the Main Stage with information about staying innovative and taking business to the public, private and hybrid clouds. Red Hat will discuss their innovation story, FOX News discusses how they plan to deliver on the "TV, Everywhere promise". Though it's so commonplace now, without the companies here at Edge consumers wouldn't be able to watch video on their tablet, cell phone and computer all at the same time. That is just one example of the innovation that is continuously moving society faster forward. 
We were lucky to have Tiffany Shlain with us this morning, filmmaker and founder of the Webby Awards. She came to Edge to share her perspective on harnessing the power of today's hyperconnected world. It was amazing to hear her discuss all of the possibilities that technology has made available and how such possibilities are now considered foundations of successful modern business. Check out the trailer at http://letitripple.org/engage/. The trailer is so relatable and will even give you the chills-- definitely worth a movie night! 
Guitar Center, IBM, Trulia, Urban Airship, Grainger, Macys, Brightcove, Build.com, NRK, and the list goes on. So much great information and conversation came out of these panels. It felt great to take a deep breath and wind down the afternoon with a slower paced fireside chat, Nigel Miller of News International and Akamai's Andy Ellis had a lot of insight. 

Tonight we have the Customer Appreciation Party. Can't wait to celebrate, Vegas Style! Good thing smartphones now double as alarm clocks, everyone here in Vegas will definitely use them tomorrow to wake up for the last day of Akamai Edge. See you then!

16 Days, Another Billion Streams Served

There is no singular sporting event that captures the world's attention quite like the Olympics.  And... there is enough data to show that the 2012 Olympic Games attracted the largest aggregate online audience ever for a sporting competition.

Of course, with an event that spans more than two weeks with hundreds of competitions from athletes from all corners of the globe, it is no wonder that total online viewership would break records.

Add the fact that there are more devices and means for consuming sports and entertainment than ever before - with the tablet increasingly finding a spot as a second screen while watching TV - and we can all comfortably surmise that the London Games were experienced by more people than any preceding Olympics in history.

On Akamai's global platform alone, we delivered more than one billion aggregate video views (a milestone we believed possible before the games started).  We saw a staggering increase in mobile video traffic for an online event.  And when all was said and done after the Closing Ceremonies in London, Akamai had delivered almost double the amount of total traffic for a one-time event over a record we set two years ago.

Akamai IO - The Akamai Internet Observatory

Possibly the best part of working on Web performance is the community. It always amazes me how users, vendors, and even competitors work together to make the Web faster. Akamai does its best to support this community, through actions like sponsoring Web performance meetups and open-sourcing tools like Mobitest.

However, the most valuable resource Akamai has to offer this community arguably isn't tools - it's data. That's the reason I'm really excited to share with you the launch of Akamai IO - The Akamai Internet Observatory.

What is Akamai IO
Akamai IO is a portal for sharing continuous data from the traffic Akamai sees with the community. Akamai delivers roughly 2 trillion content requests a day, spanning Web sites from practically every industry and geography. This volume and diversity of data is pretty unique, and is a fairly accurate representation of the entire Web.

It's important to emphasize that Akamai IO is a source of data, not conclusions. We hope you will dig into that data and reach your own conclusions, helping everybody's understanding of the Web. We will summarize some of the data in the State of the Internet report, and highlight trends in blog posts, but not within Akamai IO itself.  

Lastly, the data in Akamai IO will be continuously updated. The exact frequency will change based on the data, but we hope to show data no more than a couple of days after it occurred. The timing granularity of the data will also vary, but our goal is to aim for daily data or better.

The initial data set used for Akamai IO is based on very small sample of traffic from several hundred Akamai customer Web sites, amounting to roughly 600 million requests per day. While small in Akamai scale, this is definitely a big enough sample to draw conclusions from. Over time we expect to grow that sample to include requests from most Akamai customer Web sites.
The dramatic increase in quality of video content, combined with new technology that's ability to scale for television-size audiences online, has resulted in a growing TV revolution on the Internet. We've seen audiences on Akamai's HD Network grow dramatically to-date and we believe a 100X increase is possible in the coming years. Are you ready?

Yesterday, speaking at Brightcove PLAY, I outlined three mega trends that are helping to drive this TV revolution:

More premium content is moving online. To meet burgeoning consumer demand for high-quality content, producers and programmers are bringing more and more of their premium content online, via on-demand and live streaming formats.

Convergence of lean-in and lean back. As consumers increasingly seek an enhanced-TV experience, we see more and more people "co-viewing" across devices and not just choosing one screen size over another.

Widespread adoption of mobile media. The proliferation of connected devices is rapidly driving mobile media consumption. For example, according to one recent study, the number of streamed mobile TV users on smartphones will reach 240 million by 2014.

The combination of these three trends presents tremendous opportunities for media companies to better engage with customers at anytime, anywhere -- but you have to make it available to consumers who are expecting a TV-quality experience every time!

Gone are the days when online video was reserved for grainy, VHS-quality at best, user-generated clips of stupid pet tricks. Today's video is HD, personalized, and primed for monetization. It needs to look sharp, like the difference between these two clips: http://wwwns.akamai.com/brightcove/dog_redbull_oneclip_final.mp4

If you want to build a real business online with video, the path you need to take has come into sharp focus.

Paul Sagan is Akamai's President and CEO
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