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Keeping an Eye on Credential Abuse Attacks

Akamai Edge conference is here and I'm really excited to share some of my insights and thoughts about credential abuse attacks in my session "Akamai Threat Research into Credentials Abuse".

Credential abuse attacks become a common disturbing threat in recent years, a successful credential abuse attack campaign can result with a potential damage that include losing access and control over the accounts, data breach and even fraudulent transactions.

One of the sessions at the upcoming Akamai Edge Conference 2016 will be 'Exploring User Expectations for Business Critical SaaS Applications'. This session will be hosted by Robert Mahowald; Group Vice President at IDC who leads IDC's worldwide application and cloud services practices. Robert will share findings key insights from the recent Akamai sponsored IDC 2016 SaaS User Requirements survey. We caught up with Robert recently to learn more about the survey and what he would be sharing with Edge attendees.

These API's are critical to us...without them, we're hurting. - Terry Drozdowski, Director of Engineering, Exceda.

At Akamai, we believe the future of the Internet lies in the hands of the developers and architects who tackle hard problems every day. With our Open Platform Initiative, we simplified access to the Akamai Intelligent Platform for better and easier integration with home-grown and third party technologies and applications. The initiative exposes the power and breadth of Akamai - over 200,000 servers at the farthest reaches at the Edge of the Internet, petabytes of distributed storage, and terabytes of global bandwidth. By providing this technology, our customers and partners can design the next killer application to deliver innovative web experiences while removing all the inherent impediments of building applications on the raw Internet.

Earlier you had to choose, should you personalize or cache everything... we wanted to do both. -- Fredrik Ahlen (CTO)

The business decision had been made. Fredrik Ahlen (CTO) and Patrik Wallin (Lead Developer) of Health & Sports Nutrition Group (Gymgrossisten) were going to undergo a personalization overhaul to increase conversion rates. This meant personalizing nearly everything -- category pages, product pages, product recommendations and more. It was up to Fredrik and Patrik to make this happen on a site running on an e-commerce platform long past it's lifetime and offering poor website performance, poor stability, and limited personalization.

2015 Edge Conference: Women in Technology Recap

L-R: Maha Pula, Sr. Director, Pre Sales, Americas at Akamai Technologies
Robyn Randell, Vice President IT, Asia Pacific at Burberry
Andrea Shannon, Sr. Director of Business Development at Ooyala
Diana Silva, Global eCommerce Marketing Leader at Cisco WebEx
Megan Meza, Senior Product Manager, Content Delivery at Rackspace Hosting
Sue Thexton, Senior Vice President, EMEA at Brightcove


Last  week at Akamai's Edge 2015 Conference in Miami I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with Andi Gall, the enigmatic and paradigm-shattering CTO of Red Bull Media House. This was Andi's second appearance as an Edge keynote speaker, and once again he completely captivated 1,500 people in the live audience.

No Matter How Different the Underlying Business Issues, Many of the Challenges are "Identical". 
Here's an example of a typical networking conversation you'll encounter at Akamai Edge Healthcare Forum

Learn more about Edge and register here.

Ginny Carpenter is the manager of industry marketing for healthcare at Akamai.

"If you want to go somewhere, it's best to find someone who has already been there."
The ability to network with your peers in the healthcare industry is one of the #1 benefits of attending Akamai Edge Healthcare Forum.

Learn more about Edge and register here.

Ginny Carpenter is the manager of industry marketing for healthcare at Akamai.

There are a lot of excellent reasons to come to our new Healthcare Forum at Edge in October.  Watch our video to learn more.

Learn more about Edge and register here.

Ginny Carpenter is the manager of industry marketing for healthcare at Akamai.

As the new Industry Marketing Manager for Financial Services at Akamai, I am thrilled to be attending my very first Edge Customer Conference! The Edge conference will provide a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, nurture existing relationships, and build new ones.

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