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 With over 50 Akamai offices dotted across the planet, we know firsthand how valuable it is to access people, places and things that are based thousands of miles away in an instant. That's where Akamai steps in - we keep the world hyperconnected.

 As the leading Content Delivery Network service, Akamai ensures that our customers deliver an optimal digital experience to their audiences. Tucked around the globe, people quickly and securely access our customer's websites, entertainment, games, services, and more.

 Akamai employees land on both ends of the spectrum. Not only do we work in a hyperconnected world, we live in it. Thirsty for connection,  our employees crave a space to candidly engage about the latest strategies, ideas, and experiences in the forever-changing and demanding tech world.

 Welcome to the "We Are Akamai" blog, which focuses on all things that shape our story, what we do, and who we are. A few hot topics are:

  • Our diverse company culture
  • Employee stories
  • Accomplishments and impactful work
  • Wellness and work/life balance
  • Events
  • Market trends and industry news
  • Recruiting
  • Thought-leadership

 We invite you to contribute with respectful feedback, comments, and ideas.


Have questions? Want to share your feedback? We'd love to hear from you. Send an email to employerbranding@akamai.com.