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Maximizing Onboarding: Giving managers the skills for success

Managing teams come with challenges as well as rewards. Managers drive individual and team performance, and the best managers drive employee connection and engagement. Akamai believes that employees are our biggest asset; by effectively and efficiently integrating them into the organization to ensure both professional success as well as the success of the business.

Enhancing management skills

Historically, Global Services and Support (GSS) Managers have not been given formal onboarding, formal mentoring, or a formal community in which to ask questions, gain insight, and learn how to do their job most effectively. The Technical Enablement & Education Team (TE&E) designed a robust onboarding program aimed at new and first time GSS managers to quickly ramp up in their managerial roles, by providing detail and awareness of their new responsibilities, widely used GSS tools and applications, as well as the day to day processes GSS follow to successfully manage their teams.

An effective manager needs to be results-oriented, focused on team leadership, and have keen decision making and problem solving skills. A fundamental aspect of the manager role is knowing what the team needs to work effectively, stay productive, and contribute to a fulfilling customer experience. 

What our Managers have to say regarding the GSS Manager Onboarding Program:


Adrian Castrillo

Manager Technical Support

"I think it is well balanced and helps not only new managers but also tenured managers. I think this was overdue and development tools like this will greatly decrease the ramp up time for new managers"


 Monika Bhargava

Manager Technical Support

"Being a new manager, many of the topics resonated with me and helped me navigate through various challenges, as there were several role plays in videos which hit upon some difficult discussions that one ought to have as a manager"

At Akamai we understand the value of onboarding for all GSS employees.  GSS managers now have access to the training, tools, and resources to effectively meet organizational goals. Their actions will create a ripple effect that extends to all of their direct reports and colleagues.

If you want more information and details - Learn More here -  GSS manager onboarding 

You can also reach out for questions and feedback to - Martyna Gorczynska (mgorczyn@akamai.com) and Sisira Mallampalli (smallamp@akamai.com) who manage the GSS Manager Onboarding Program.



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