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Future technology: Creating a seamless gaming experience

At Akamai, we secure and stabilize the user experience, so that content of all forms can be streamed seamlessly onto whatever device you are using. One of the primary types of content we are integral to shaping and delivering is gaming content. 

You may not realize it, but we are constantly working behind the scenes to create a more immersive experience that is undisrupted and continually improving. 


When it comes to gaming, we have 3 core objectives. 

Firstly, we ensure that pre-existing content can get to users as quickly as possible. As Nelson Rodriguez, Akamai's Global Director of Media Industry Strategy, said, "when I was a kid, games files were maybe 8 megabytes. Today, games can be 60 gigabytes. We ensure that that game gets to the user quickly." 

Secondly, we ensure dynamic content - content which didn't exist a second ago, being created in the moment, for example in multiplayer games - reaches users seamlessly.

Thirdly, we secure these experiences for everyone, protecting the servers hosting content, the users, and their information when they're online. 

However, at Akamai, we believe the gaming experience should be for everyone. 

So, while we work to improve streaming, we are also working to make gaming accessible. 

According to Nelson, there are currently 2.5 billion game players in the world. "If you look at the population of the world that is connected to the Internet, about 4 billion people, there are still 1.5 billion people who could be playing games and for some reason are not."

There are several reasons why those 1.5 billion people may not be able to access games. Often, it's due to not having access to the latest device or a sufficient network connection. 

At Akamai, our main objective is to connect the world, to create a more involved and interconnected society in which collaboration is key. We believe the Internet and the development of the cloud are integral to this objective. This is why we are so determined to secure the future of the web for upcoming generations. 

Gaming is essential to this objective. 

As we continue to transform and improve dynamic content, we have a vision of a more social future, in which gaming becomes a new medium to interact with other people all over the world. 

Takehiro Ishino, Akamai's Regional Sales Manager, said, "at Akamai, we are making technological advancements to meet new industry needs. When it comes to gaming, multiplayer games, interactive play and team play, latency, scalability, and reliability are vital."

So, we're in an incredibly exciting position to be able to influence the future of gaming. As Nelson said, "everything we do is fundamental to games." 

However, according to Nelson, the modern rise of gaming is driven in part by people's desire to connect with each other. "Multiplayer modes make it possible for players to jump into games with hundreds of people across the world." As a result, over the next 10 years and beyond we will see an increase in ease of use, stability, the ability to play with more people at one time and reductions to the barriers to playing games. For example, currently downloading a video game could take up to 3 hours. However, with a rise in technological innovations, we will see this reduce dramatically.

Takehiro said, "game players are very competitive and enthusiastic. As soon as a new game is released, they want to play it so they can enjoy and share the gaming experience faster than anyone else. This creates a high amount of unpredictable traffic that we work to ensure does not affect the user experience."

As technology expands, so do careers within the field. 

So, as with many of the careers that we enable and develop, there is no clear cut route to working with us to create the future we envision. Nelson said, "my journey into gaming was accidental. I spent the first 10 years of my career working as a sales manager. I had a mid-life crisis at 29 and started dabbling with video game journalism. I started writing blog posts and creating podcasts. 

One day, a friend of mine who worked in the industry snuck me into an industry event, because he knew I was curious. While I was there, I ran into a couple of guys who worked at Microsoft. One of them recognized me from my podcast. A couple of months later, I was working at Microsoft.  

So, my journey wasn't well planned. I just followed my interests, and it worked out."  

Ultimately, all that is required to join our team is the passion and drive it takes to succeed. Anyone with a vision for the future of technology has something to contribute to the collective thought process of our team.

We love to see our team members achieve the kind of career success they have always dreamed about. As Nelson said, "what's been truly amazing to me about the last 4 years of my career is the kind of access we have at Akamai to companies who are making a difference. We get to be shoulder to shoulder with them, helping to solve their problems. I think that's pretty cool."

So, when it comes to gaming, the opportunities are endless. 

Moving forward, we are working on unlimited and expansive innovations that will improve the user experience for everyone, leaving nobody behind. As a result, when it comes to career opportunities, you can use your imagination. 

At Akamai, we do not think inside the box. To continue transforming the future of technology, we are privileged to gain from the experience of our diverse and passionate team. When the opportunities are endless, we can afford to think big, to a world in which we are all connected. 


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