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My first days at Akamai Japan

Starting in a new company is always special. The nervousness the night before, the outfit that would give the best impression, and that feeling when you enter the office and seeing all those new faces.
It is said that the first days are important in the life of a new employee and would determine if the person would stay or not.
At Akamai, I had the chance to experience something unique. All the new joiners are together in the same room. Here is a salesperson, here is an accountant, here is a client service person... It creates a bit of a "new faces" group, a bond that will last and a connection with other teams. For 10 days, we will be sharing the same room and undergoing the same program: the "New Hires Orientation".

Akamai Japan has developed this special introduction. All the managers do a 1 to 2 hours presentation about their team, their role in the organization, the direction they are taking. It gives a great overview and a meaning to the whole structure of the company. Also, it allows putting a face to each division.

Going out of it and starting in my team 10 days later, I understood the organization and who was doing what. Many companies are claiming "we are One Team", which might sound like an overused concept. However, this "One Akamai" got demonstrated to me on my first day and has built every one of us as an employee of the company.




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