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Erik Nygren is an Akamai Fellow and Chief Architect in Akamai's Platform Infrastructure Engineering organization and has been with Akamai since June of 1999. Among other responsibilities, Erik is leading the platform architecture for Akamai's IPv6 initiative. He is a long-time member and current chair of Akamai's Architecture Group and has had deep involvement in many engineering and operations areas across Akamai for over 17 years. Erik received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and he came to Akamai part way through his PhD program at MIT, working in the Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group. Previously, Erik was a co-founder of Fourth Planet, a data visualization company, and worked in the Intelligent Mechanisms group at NASA Ames Research Center.
Andy Ellis is Akamai's Chief Security Officer, responsible for overseeing the security architecture and compliance of the company's massive, globally distributed network. He is the designer and patent holder of Akamai's SSL acceleration network, as well as several of the critical technologies underpinning the company's Cloud Security Solutions . Ellis is at the forefront of Internet policy; as a speaker, blogger, member of the FCC CSRIC, supporting Akamai's CEOs on the NIAC and NSTAC, and an advisory board member of HacKid. He can be found on Twitter as @csoandy .
Noreen Hafez brings more than 15 years of product marketing, product management and sales experience. At Akamai, she creates positioning, manages go-to-market strategy, messaging and sales tools, while serving as a product expert to the field providing sales training, evangelism and speaking/print opportunities for Akamai Media Delivery Solutions . She works closely with product divisions, collaborate within a cross-functional teams, and supports partnership opportunities for product launches.
Or Katz is an application security veteran, with years of experience at industry leading vendors such as Breach, F5 and Toga Networks. Or currently serves as principal security researcher for Akamai's Cloud Security Intelligence platform. Or is also a board member at the OWASP Israel chapter, a frequent speaker at the chapter conferences, and also published several innovative white papers on web applications defensive techniques.
Will Law is a Chief Architect within the Media Engineering group at Akamai. He has been involved with streaming media on the web for the last decade with a strong focus on client-side development and wrote many of the early connection frameworks that still drive much of the traffic flowing over Akamai today, including HDCore, OVP and OSMF. He has a current focus on MPEG DASH and HTTP delivery, mobile media, connected devices and security. Law is also a founding board member of DASH Industry Forum.
Stephen Ludin is a Chief Architect for Akamai's Web Experience group. He currently heads the company's Foundry team - a small group dedicated to innovating on the edge of technology. He joined Akamai in 2002 and works out of Akamai's San Francisco office. His primary focus has been on projects related to the core proxy technology that is responsible for routing, accelerating, and securing Akamai's traffic.
Chris Nicholson is a senior public relations manager at Akamai, where he leads PR efforts for the company's Media & Entertainment industry business. He's been on the technology side of the M&E; industry for more than 15 years, first as a trade journalist and then in several corporate communications, public relations and marketing roles with organizations including the National Association of Broadcasters, SeaChange International and most recently, Brightcove.
Pierre Lermant is an Enterprise Architect at Akamai Technologies, specialized in improving the performance, availability and operations of customer-facing web applications. He joined the Internet world as an engineering lead for Yahoo!, where he mastered large-scale systems powered by relational databases in the my.yahoo.com group, then honed his web performance skills by leading the front-end and back-end development teams of the www.yahoo.com home page. At Akamai, prior to his current position, he managed the release and operations of the company's main customer facing portal, and had accountability for its security and availability. Pierre authored or co-authored 5 patents in various technical fields. He holds a Master of Science degree from ENSTA, Paris, France, and a Master of Science degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling with his family and competing in bay-area triathlons.
Renny Shen is a senior product marketing manager here at Akamai, where he's responsible for our Cloud Security Solutions . He has over 15 years of experience in creating and marketing technology solutions for the enterprise market, including seven years at F5 Networks and a number of early-stage startups prior.
Ryan Barnett is a Principal Security Researcher working on the Akamai Threat ResearchTeam supporting Kona security solutions. In addition to his primary work at Akamai, he is also a WASC Board Member and OWASP Project Leader for: Web Hacking Incident Database (WHID) and Distributed Web Honeypots. Mr. Barnett is a frequent speaker at security industry conferences such as Blackhat and has authored two web security books: Preventing Web Attacks with Apache (Pearson) and The Web Application Defender's Cookbook: Battling Hackers and Defending Users (Wiley).
Javier Garza is a multi-lingual technology evangelist who loves taking things apart, understanding how they work, and finding the best/most practical way of improving them. He started hacking basic-based computer games at the age of 9, and has been working with computers for the past 25 years in Spain, Germany, and the US (half that time at Akamai helping the largest Websites on the Internet run faster and more secure).
Tommy Cormier is an Akamai Sr. Enterprise Sales Engineer supporting Akamai's advanced enterprise solutions enabling secure remote application access and protecting corporate assets from sophisticated threats in a constant fluid threat landscape. He has a background in the identity and access management (IAM) industry and a host of experiences working with customers on their digital transformation strategy using application delivery network architectures to include data centers, dedicated, virtual and cloud services to achieve optimal business and technical efficiencies production. He also served in the US Air Force as a Communications and Computer Systems Officer delivering secure and non-secure communication architectural solutions and integrating various technologies across other branches of services.
Ching Soo has had the privilege of building and leading businesses, from his own start-up to working in some of the world's best technology firms like EMC, NetApp, Citrix and now in Akamai. He is the Regional Sales Director for the Asia Pacific & Japan Enterprise business unit. In his personal life, Ching Soo is an amateur sportsman and with mountain biking as his primary sport. He participates in stage races like the South African Cape Epic, TransPortugal and most recently Yak Attack in Nepal. He also brings both his professional skills and love of athletics to a number of charities, like the Singapore Cancer Society where he is a Charity Athlete and also serves on the IT Steering Committee.
Shaun Tamblin is a Senior Solutions Engineer within the Enterprise division at Akamai. For over a decade he has been working with customers, large and small, across all verticals helping to analyze and solve security, performance, and testing challenges they are facing.
Faraz Siddiqui is a data center architecture and cloud security veteran, with years of experience at industry leading vendors such as F5 Networks, Cisco Systems and Alcatel Lucent. Faraz currently serves as a Sr. Solutions Engineer and Product Lead Expert on advanced enterprise solutions which enables organizations to protect the corporate assets and provide secure access to the enterprise applications hosted in any Public cloud or on-premise. Previously, Faraz served as the Principal Sales Engineer for Soha Systems Inc. (acquired by Akamai Technologies in 2016), where he was responsible for overseeing different aspects of product management and pre-sales activities. He has been a frequent speaker at various public events, published several whitepapers and blogs on application delivery, data center virtualization and L4-7 service insertion techniques.
Andrew Terranova is a Solutions Engineer at Akamai Technologies, specializing in enterprise security products. Currently Andrew is focused on helping customers transition their environments towards a Zero Trust security model. Andrew has a strong engineering and IT consulting background working with pharmaceutical, financial, retail/consumer product, and service provider customers. Outside of Akamai, Andrew is a freelance writer and editor with articles and projects published in Make: Magazine and Popular Science, and author of How Things Are Made: From Automobiles to Zippers. For fun Andrew likes to play with electronics and robotics, and is a strong proponent of the maker movement.
Daniel Abeles is an experienced security researcher, with years of experience in web application attacks. Daniel currently serves as a Senior Security Researcher working on the Akamai Threat Research Group supporting Akamai's cloud security solutions. Daniel has a strong security background working for the Air Force and consultation companies on various projects. Outside of Akamai, he enjoys breaking stuff, learning new things, developing new tools and contributing to open source projects.
Chinedu Egonu is a solutions engineer within the enterprise division at Akamai focused on Enterprise Security, cloud migration, and digital transformation through Zero Trust. His background is in mobile wireless technologies having worked at Cisco and Benu networks. When he is not working, you can find him watching or playing soccer, or figuring out the next place in the world to visit.
Rich Salz is a Senior Architect in the Web Performance business unit. He has been involved in the definition and implementation of Internet and security standards for more than 20 years, currently with the IETF and the OpenSSL toolkit. At Akamai he works on making systems and customers more secure by default, and led the effort to fund OpenSSL's development of TLS 1.3. He can also be found on Twitter as @richsalz .
Shantanu Kedar is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Akamai Technologies. He is passionate about helping businesses deliver the best and the safest digital experiences to their customers. Prior to Akamai he spent numerous years accelerating the pace of engineering and science by helping companies solve their business problems using MATLAB. He spends all his spare time in the company of his 16 month old twin girls.
Craig Sparling is a product manager in the Cloud Security business unit. Craig joined Akamai with the acquisition of Prolexic and specializes in attack detection, network monitoring, data visualization, and user interfaces. His passion is working for customers to understand their needs and creating powerful and intuitive solution that solve their real-world problems.
Greg Burns is a director of security product management at Akamai. He has ten years of Internet security experience - and a total thirty years of related experience in technical fields. He has focused on bringing technical solutions to market through product management and business management roles, and is based in Akamai's Fort Lauderdale, FL office. Greg is focused on driving Akamai's go-to-market initiatives for Akamai's leading cloud-based DDoS services.
Tsvika Klein is a Product Line Director for Web Security at Akamai. In this role, he manages Akamai's Cloud Security Intelligence platform products. Tsvika is an application and data security veteran with over 15 years of experience in the web application security industry in multiple functional roles from product management to sales and engineering. Tsvika is a regular speaker in industry conferences and technical panels, such as RSA, AppSec and Infosec, where he has presented on a range of application security topics. Tsvika holds an MSc in Computer Science from Tufts University, BA in Computer Science from IDC Herzliya and is CISSP certified. Tsvika also co-authored several academic publications in well-known journals, such as Computing Science and Statistics and Genetic Epidemiology.
Lauren Younger has been interested in computers and software ever since her first TI-99 when she was four years old. Her career started as a Software Design Engineer in Test, until she realized that the best way to prevent bugs was to not design them in - and thus made the leap to product management. Today, Lauren is responsible for mPulse which brings together her love of testing and analytics, as well as her keen interest in everything that makes the internet run fast.
Anthony Larkin is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager in the Web Experience group at Akamai Anthony leads the go-to-market strategy for Akamai's Digital Performance Management, Images and Cloudlets products. For more than 9 years at Akamai he has been dedicated to helping businesses remove barriers and unlock their potential to better engage users through web and mobile applications. As a customer advocate, industry expert and student of the art & science of positioning and messaging, Anthony is passionate about forging connections between customer challenges and cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems in web experience.
Charles Vazac is a principal software engineer working on web performance at Akamai and was a cofounder of SOASTA. He's written a charting package in VML (gasp!), Web 2.0 apps before we said "AJAX" and "COMET", single-page applications before they were called SPAs, browser analytics code in vanilla JavaScript that "works" in IE5.5, SPAs transpiled from ES2017, and C++ for a popular web browser. Charles loves figuring out how things work, why they sometimes don't, and how to make them better.
Vaishali Sangtani leads Akamai's Asia, Pacific and Japan regions as the Global Industry and Product Marketing Manager. She is focused on Akamai's Web & Mobile Performance solutions suite delivering worlds' best Digital Experiences for users. She has been leading Product Marketing & Management roles, for almost a decade, in a variety of technology domains such as IOT and Smart energy in India and USA. When she isn't working she is perhaps scuba diving somewhere in the world.
Jano van Deventer Jano van Deventer is a Senior Enterprise Solutions Engineer at Akamai who loves assisting customers on their journey to the cloud as they digitally transform their businesses. With over 18 years of experience working across different verticals he has designed an endless number of solutions for customers solving complex network, security and application challenges while working at vendors such as Huawei, Radware and F5 Networks.
Benny Tan is a Solutions Engineer within the Enterprise division at Akamai. In this role, Benny is focused on helping customers protect their corporate infrastructure and assets from the ever-evolving threats from everywhere. Outside of work, Benny enjoys relaxing and playing video games.
Michael Strobl is a Solutions Engineer within the Enterprise division at Akamai. For over the last 18 years he has been working in the ISP Enterprise space with customers, large and small, across all verticals helping to configure, analyze and solve security and performance challenges they are facing.
Andrew Crail runs the enterprise solution engineering team at Akamai, helping customers transform their security to Zero Trust models as the traditional perimeter as we know it dissolves with digital transformation. He started his career as tech support at a small security reseller, almost two decades later is helping customers migrate security to one of the largest cloud security platforms in the world. His experience spans various industries and regions after roles in both EMEA and APAC, covering compliance, security testing, incident response, managed and cloud security.
Alex Leung is Akamai's Senior Enterprise Architect where he serves as a trusted advisor for leading broadcasters, helping them to transform their services in adaptation to the OTT (over-the-top) delivery trend, and navigate the complex array of technologies therein. Over the past years at Akamai, he has led media consultancy projects that helped regional broadcasters optimizing their media streaming operations in preparation for large events, including Winter Olympics and IPL 2018.
Eugene Zhang is Director of Enterprise Architect at Akamai. He focuses on end-to-end media/application performance optimization and web security, working with largest customers and their strategic initiatives. He has over 15 years of experience spread across the fields of networking, enterprise application, and telecommunication. Prior to Akamai Eugene has held various architecture and development positions at Apple, Oracle, and Silicon Graphics. He has authored numerous patents in the field of digital media and application security.
Vishal Changrani is an Enterprise Architect at Akamai. He helps Akamai customers realize their media workflows. He has over 13 years of experience in a myriad of domains including embedded systems, biotech, and large-scale enterprise applications. Prior to Akamai, Vishal has held different positions at Ericsson, Motorola and silicon valley startups. He has authored numerous patent in the field of digital media.
Sidharth Pisharoti is Regional Vice President, Media, APJ, at Akamai Technologies. He is responsible for leading sales and driving growth for Akamai's Media division across India, and for the design and execution of Akamai's Media Delivery go-to-market strategy in the region.Sidharth has been with Akamai for more than 10 years, and has played an integral role in building the India business over the last four years as the Director of India Sales.
Lauren Fisher is a strategy and operations program manager supporting Akamai's Media and Carrier business.
John Neystadt joined Akamai's Enterprise Business Unit in 2017 as Principal Product Architect. He has 20 years of experience in security space from Microsoft and ARM. John specializes in enterprise software security, security strategy, malware protection, web security, threat intelligence, cyber response and application security. John holds over 70 patents in various software related areas.
Anna Chan Anna Chan is Director, Media Industry Strategy at Akamai Technologies. In her current role, Anna spends time understanding and monitoring industry trends and use case applications across different markets, with a focus on how companies in the OTT/broadcasting, Gaming, Hi-tech/Internet of Things, as well as Social Media space leverage cloud-based solutions to drive both business profitability as well as operational efficiencies.
Nicholas Hawkins is Senior Director of Enterprise Product Management for Akamai's Asia-Pacific and Japan region. In this role, he is responsible for Akamai's Enterprise solution portfolio which covers both access and security requirements. These solutions help boost productivity and improve security by accelerating deployment of access and security technologies from the Akamai platform whilst reducing the attacks surfaces for an organisation.

Paul Calvano has been helping enterprises improve the performance of their web applications for more than 15 years. As a principal web performance architect at Akamai, he helps customers optimize their website and mobile performance by utilizing the Akamai platform efficiently, following industry best practices, and designing solutions to help overcome technical obstacles.

Chris Wraight is a passionate product marketing professional with over thirty years' B2B experience in product marketing, product management, sales enablement, channel sales and marketing, as well as direct sales and pre-sales, all in large and small companies. At Akamai, Chris is responsible for leading a team focused on Industry Marketing; some of the key industries include e-commerce, travel, hospitality, financial services, IoT, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Don Ng is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Akamai has over 18 years of experience in cybersecurity with extensive knowledge application layer firewalls, hardware security modules, encryption, SIEM and endpoint protection. His focus is on the security solutions of Kona Site Defender, Web Application Protector and Bot Manager Premier for the Asia Pacific Region.

Volker Tegtmeyer is a senior product marketing manager at Akamai and responsible for the web application security products. He has more than 25 years of experience in the communications industry. Prior to joining Akamai he had several leadership positions at Cisco Systems, Nokia and Siemens in product management, marketing and business development driving business initiatives for cloud and virtualization products, solutions, systems integration services and service delivery platforms.

Melis Unsal offers a decade of international marketing experience in developing and executing positioning, messaging and GTM strategy for products across various industries ranging from telecommunications to artificial intelligence. She currently works in Product Marketing to drive go-to-market activities and sales enablement initiatives for Akamai's Media Delivery Solutions. Melis majored in Psychology and Management at the University of Toronto and holds an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston, where she also mentored student-run startup.

Jim Black is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Akamai's Enterprise Security business unit. He has spent his entire career in technology in telecoms, mobile and security and has held roles in manufacturing, customer support, business development, product management, PR and marketing.

Maik Maurer is a product manager here at Akamai, where he's responsible for our Bot Manager products. He has over 15 years of experience working on innovative product developments in multiple industries. Many years of his professional career he spent in highly agile startup environments.

Charles Choe is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Akamai Technologies. He brings more than ten years of product management and technical marketing experience with advanced degrees in both law and business. He writes about market trends, industry challenges, and solutions in the areas of web performance, digital asset optimization, and content delivery.

Nadeem Mian joined Akamai Technologies in 2016, as a senior product marketing manager focusing specifically on the EMEA region. Nadeem is passionate about web performance, and has been focusing specifically on Akamai's Digital Performance Management (DPM) solutions (mPulse & CloudTest). Nadeem enjoys showcasing ways DPM can help customers (in various verticals), to flourish in achieving their business metrics.

Ashish Singh is a Solutions Engineer at Akamai. With over 10 years of experience in Cyber Security domain, he has worked with customers to create reliable and robust IT security solutions suited for their infrastructure and business requirements. He is an avid traveler and likes to spend time with family and friends.

Cassie Jeon is a Software Test Engineer at Akamai.

Darren Ng is a senior engineering manager who is focused on driving Akamai's next generation network protocol strategies. With over 15 years of experience in the networking field, he applies his expertise towards optimizing network performance for the Akamai Intelligent Edge.

Roopesh Balakrishna is a Senior Manager for Marketing for Akamai in India. In this role, he is responsible for driving the marketing strategies for Akamai in India, to build brand awareness, create demand for Akamai solution and partner with various functional teams to enable go-to-market (GTM) activities better and more efficiently.

Frank Paolino is senior director, service delivery for Media with responsibility for Akamai's Adaptive Media Player.

Marc Fiuczynski works as a Principal Architect at Akamai's Media & Carrier division. His efforts pertain to bringing Akamai's licensable products to network operator customers in an Edge/G5/NFV/Cloud-native compatible manner. Prior to Akamai, Marc co-founded CoBlitz LLC, an orchestrated container platform and CDN spin out from Princeton University that licensed caching technology to network operators; in 2010 CoBlitz was acquired by Verivue Inc and Akamai acquired Verivue in 2012. Marc received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington.

Amiram Cohen is a senior security analyst at Akamai Technologies, working as security analyst of Akamai Enterprise Threat Protector.

Maria Ramirez is an Enterprise Solution Engineer with16 years of experience as pre-sales engineer for networking and security solutions. She has a passion for cybersecurity and specializes in anti-malware solutions. Before starting at Akamai in May 2018 she worked with other prestigious security vendors in both Spain and Portugal in solution engineering roles.

Chandan Rao is a Principal Engineer within Akamai's Media Services Engineering group. He is passionate about developing highly scalable, highly available, fault tolerant software. At Akamai, he has helped architect and implement some of the core server side systems that power Akamai's live and on-demand streaming solutions.

Victor Wong is a Principal SDET in Media Engineering at Akamai where he serves as a trusted advisor to encoding vendors. Creating a unique conduit by acting as the liaison between Akamai Media Live Platform and Vendors. His responsibilities involve customer/vendor engagements along with MSL feature enhancement collaboration.

Roger Barranco has extensive experience running multiple technical and operational departments globally servicing tier-one customers in mission-critical environments and currently holds the role of Senior Director of Security Operations at Akamai Technologies. In his current role, Roger is responsible for Akamai's global Managed Security services where alert management and precision cyber-attack mitigation at all layers is this globally distributed team's primary function.

Greg brings more than 15 years' experience marketing SaaS solutions in the enterprise IT, publishing and education arenas to Akamai as our Product Marketing Manager. Greg drives much of Akamai's content and works across groups to ensure cohesive and articulate presentation of how our products and services align with the needs of our clients and the larger market. An analytics geek, Greg also steers Akamai's internal SEO and conversion initiatives, as well as new product launches.

Sven Dummer leads product marketing, helping companies to build better online experiences for their customers through cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). Previously, Sven worked with Silicon Valley startups as well as Fortune500 companies, including Yahoo, Wind River (acquired by Intel), SUSE and Microsoft in product development, product marketing and management roles. At Intel, Sven also helped launch (and named) the collaborative Yocto Project, an open-source initiative that enables users to create custom Linux-based systems for IoT devices regardless of the hardware architecture. Sven is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sandeep Singh is a Product Marketing Manager for Media & Entertainment, APJ at Akamai. Sandeep has over 9 years of experience in the Internet, Mobile & Cloud Technologies domains specifically within OTT & Streaming, Digital Publishing, Ad Tech, Media & Entertainment industries which has helped him build a strong understanding of customer and market requirements within the space.

Carson Casey is a Manager of Product Marketing at Akamai. She leads the go-to-market strategy for a portfolio of services designed to help Akamai's customers get the most out of their Cloud Security, Web Performance and Media Delivery solutions. As an industry expert and customer advocate, Carson is dedicated to building products designed to help businesses solve their most challenging problems.

Jim Gilbert is a director of product management at Akamai. He has over ten years of DNS service and technology experience and more than twenty years of related experience working on various Internet fields such as email infrastructure for ISPs. Jim focuses on authoritative and recursive edge DNS services for the carrier and enterprise markets.

Russell Loarridge brings over 30+ years of international sales and management experience in enterprise solutions. His vertical market experience is extensive throughout the UK, Europe, APAC and North America with specific experience in Retail, Finance, CPG, Pharma, Manufacturing, Telco and European channels. Russell has extensive experience in enterprise enabling technology and infrastructure. In the applications arena, he is seen as an industry commentator in the CRM market where his early views on the integration of all forms of ecommerce with the traditional world of bricks and mortar are now widely accepted dogma.

Mayur Upadhyaya is a creative and customer-centric technologist.At Akamai, Mayur is mandated with driving the EMEA Identity Cloud business. Mayur starting his career as a full-stack developer at a 'new media' agency and was later to become Chief Architect, in 2008 he spun out his engineering team into what became an award winning digital agency. Mayur has advised clients such as Channel4, BBC, Guardian, United Nations and Nigella Lawson on technology, security and marketing. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology, and a host of award-winning work, having gained a Webby nomination, IVCA, BIMA, Revolution, Peabody and BAFTA.

Tim Gasper is Senior Product Manager, Data & Analytics, Identity Cloud for Akamai. With over a decade of experience in product management, Tim has spent his entire career helping companies gain value from their data. He previously ran product and marketing for Bitfusion, an artificial intelligence (AI) software company, led product for Rackspace's Hadoop and NoSQL as a Service, and managed global offerings for CSC (now known as DXC) Big Data & Analytics business unit.

Timothy Brandis is a Senior Solution Architect, Tim works with Akamai clients to distill the real requirements for specific projects - moving beyond the initial ask to what is really needed to deliver business value. Tim consults with clients to formulate and execute action plans that meet business goals and support specific regulatory compliance needs. He delights in that moment in a difficult project where everyone gets alignment, all teams accelerate their delivery, and his clients start to see the benefits of all the hard work everyone has been contributing manifested in the real world.

Robert Phares partners with top global brands to solve their technology problems. His experience lives at the intersection of Enterprise Identity, Marketing, and Security. At Akamai, he helps companies navigate their initiatives in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). He illuminates the business value and enabling technology of managing, securing, and activating consumer identities.

Sean Calhoon brings three decades of engineering and product management expertise to his role at Akamai. Sean has held leadership roles with companies like Intel and Digimarc, where he was most recently Vice President of Product Management. At Akamai, Sean is responsible for working with our internal engineering and system architecture teams and external technology partners to drive our identity platform to meet the ever-expanding scale, function and availability requirements of our global enterprise clients.

Del Fowler is an Enterprise Architect with 20+ years of Media Streaming experience, working with broadcast and blue-chip companies. His specialties are transcode engine design and OTT workflow optimizations. Del is a certified ScrumMaster and a streaming engineer by heart. During his 3-year tenure at Akamai he has participated in a number of notable projects such as major sporting events and customer consultancy on VR and low latency requirements.

Ashley Adelman is a seasoned marketer who has worked with leading technology brands to develop thoughtful marketing campaigns that attract attention, engage audiences and generate results. At Akamai, she manages global marketing programs for Identity Cloud.

Eric Schreiner brings over 18 years experience designing and implementing business solutions with the last 10 years focused on enterprise SaaS applications. His expertise blends system design and integration experience with his ability to align technology delivery to business processes, workflows and results. Eric is one of the security product managers responsible for the Akamai Identity Cloud. Prior to Akamai, he worked with industry leaders in the aerospace, engineering and manufacturing industries to apply SaaS solutions to their hazardous chemical data and inventory management practices. Eric has B.A in Computer Science from the University of Oregon.

Michael Griffin is responsible for running the information security and compliance programs for Akamai's Identity Cloud as a member of the Information Security team . Prior to Akamai, Mike developed and led the Security & Compliance programs for Circle K North America, FEI Company, Columbia Sportswear, and Harry and David. Mike's 23 years of experience also includes roles with professional organizations such as ISACA and ISSA.

Gareth Ouellette is the Sr. Director, Mobile Products at Akamai and heads the Product Management and Services teams. The Mobile Product Management team develops products for mobile app owners and developers to monitor, optimize, and validate mobile app performance. The Mobile Services team works hands on with developers to optimize mobile apps and ensure the best possible experience for their end users.

Sam Preston is a Technical Project Manager at Akamai. As a member of the Professional Services team, he works directly with Akamai's clients to deliver optimal solutions on a daily basis.

Prasad Nadig is a Senior Architect with Akamai Engineering helping conceptualize, design and build high volume, low latency data analytics products and solutions for Media and Security space. He takes pride in driving projects and building software that run on and collect data from hundreds of thousands of servers and coalesce them into organized data bins for insight gathering there by enabling Business Reporting, Operational Monitoring and Data Analytics at "big-data" scale. His contributions have helped watch, monitor and mitigate the worst of the e-security attacks, and ensure uptimes for the best of the video streaming events/subscriptions (OTT).

Diego Xirinachs is a Senior Product Support Engineer working on the Akamai Carrier Team supporting the Aura Licensed Platform and DNSi Solutions. In addition to his primary work, he also provides customer training, automates and tests Akamai Carrier Products on a variety of infrastructure including Cloud, bare metal and container environments. Mr. Xirinachs holds 3 patents and a Masters Degree in Networking and Telematics. He has also been featured on Linux.com as a "Linux Foundation Certified Engineer" and is certified as an Open Group Master IT Specialist.

James Chan is a Director of Engineering in the Enterprise Business Unit working on Akamai's Zero Trust security initiatives. He has over 13 years of experience in the telecom and networking industry working at Motorola/Arris and is now helping lead the charge in the Enterprise security space. James followed the industry to the cloud and joined Akamai in 2014 first working on cloud networking acceleration solutions and is now building products to help our customers secure their enterprises in the cloud.

Charlie Phillips is a SVP, Global Services & Support at Akamai.

Mark Greve is engineering manager at Akamai. He's part of the Media Client team which is developing SDKs running on end-user devices and leveraging efficient ways of delivering data such as multicast and P2P.

Domitian Tamas-Selicean , PhD, is a senior software engineer and agile facilitator in the Akamai Media Client team.

Lior Lahav is a Senior Software Engineer, and a member of the Enterprise Threat Protector team, responsible for threat intelligent and reconnaissance based on DNS behavior. He has over 15 years of experience in cyber-security. Prior to working for Akamai, Lior worked at Imperva, a leading web application and data security company, where he led the development of several large-scale projects in the Cyber Security field.

Sumit Bahl is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager driving product marketing strategy for Akamai's Enterprise Security business unit, helping customers transform their security to Zero Trust security model. He has over 15 years of experience working with customers in security and networking domains as well as building and marketing products.

Nancy Carvajal works on the Akamai Global Services and Support team as a Senior Product Marketing Specialist. Nancy has over 8 years of experience in product marketing and project management,. In his day to day role, Nancy works with different departments inside Akamai supporting products and services. Nancy also collaborate as a volunteer on the STEM Team in Costa Rica.

Beth Barach is a Senior Product Marketing Manager on the Enterprise Security Team at Akamai. She has more than 15 years of experience in various product marketing, technology partner marketing and channel marketing roles in IT security, managed services, SaaS and networking.

Alex Balford is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Akamai Technologies responsible for global marketing activities across Akamai's media delivery solutions portfolio. As a seasoned media professional, he conveys a keen understanding of market and technology trends influencing the evolving TV and OTT landscape. His experience includes marketing technologies that span across OTT content management and delivery, advertising and Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Prior to joining Akamai, he was at SeaChange International.

Luis Raga Hines is a Senior Security Solutions Architect with the Global Security and Goverment Services team.

Ritesh Kalyanshetty is a Technical Solutions Specialist in Media focused on architecting and evangelizing efficient OTT workflows, and has been with Akamai for about 8 years. He has held multiple positions at Akamai starting from Enterprise and Media Solutions Architect, Pre-sales engineer with Inside Sales in the Media and Enterprise division enabling the very competitive and challenging SMB space to adopt CDN as a key component of their workflows and APJ pre-sales working across commerce, publishing and broadcasting verticals.