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View Akamai Media Delivery Technology at NAB 2016

The Akamai Media team is hard at work putting together a completely new experience for you at NAB this year - you'll actually be able to walk through an OTT workflow and see firsthand what Akamai is doing to help you get your content and media files online faster, for delivery to bigger audiences at the highest quality. Stay tuned for more exciting details as the show approaches.

CBS Breaks Super Bowl Streaming Records

Congratulations to CBS for delivering the most streamed Super Bowl in history.  According to official CBS numbers and a report by Streaming Mediathe Super Bowl 50 live stream drew 3.96 million unique viewers who watched for an average of 101 minutes each. Viewers consumed more than 315 million minutes of coverage during the showdown between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, with an average audience size of 1.4 million. These are all new records for a Super Bowl live stream.

Akamai at CES 2016

The Akamai Media Delivery team is looking forward to seeing you at CES 2016!  One of the major themes we expect to hear a lot about at CES this year is OTT, or Over-The-Top delivery of premium video content over the internet, without the accompanying ownership of the distribution network.