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Can you handle your primetime TV ads' success online?

2015 "Big Game" ads can cost up to $4.5 million apiece. I believe most of the broadcasters, advertisers, partners and sponsors planned for their investment to help drive users to their respective web sites and generate significant social media buzz.

This is a follow up post to my recent article entitled "Let's watch the game first and attack later."  We received a lot of interest in learning how Akamai's Professional Services could help support a major global online event like the World Cup, and details around the attack trends that we observed during the World Cup.


In general, a successful readiness and support approach can be divided into three stages:

      Event Preparation

      Event Execution

      Post Event Wrap-up

Akamai has once again been chosen to help protect the leading global broadcasters, advertisers, partners and sponsors' sites for this year's World Cup. This has given us the opportunity to capture an incredible amount of data for analyzing specific trends.
All companies with a web presence want search engines to crawl their sites and index their content because it's the easiest way to drive traffic, improve visibility and increase business.

The fact is that companies want search engines to crawl their site on a regular basis and index as much content as possible. As such, they usually assume that all search engine requests are legitimate and really don't pay much attention to them.