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The STEM of Akamai's Success

Repost from the co.tribute blog: http://info.cotribute.com/featuredcompanies/akamai

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Akamai Technologies, Inc. is the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, and has been since 1998 when it was incorporated by Dr. Tom Leighton and Danny Lewin. The company is a product of the annual MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition of 1997, during which Leighton and Lewin realized the potential in the Internet content delivery market and development efforts began in earnest in 1998. Their most notable, early achievements include March Madness, Star Wars trailers and Yahoo!. Named one of the 100 Best Places to Work by Computerworld, Akamai is the next company featured in the Purpose Driven Workplaces highlight. We spoke with Noelle Faris, a Principal of Investor Relations and President of the Akamai Foundation (the charitable arm of the organization) to discuss Akamai's corporate giving practices.