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Akamai Gaming Moscow Style

If you happen to be passing near Moscow this week, I suggest two things:

We're discussing the big impact that the entire games industry is going to feel from the shift in how players preorder and purchase games. The AAA studios are driving significant shifts in the preorder model, and it will impact you, whether you're ready or not.

I've tended to be a bit of a cheap gamer (with appropriate shout outs to my idol and friend Cheapy D). More than looking for great deals on the latest games, I usually just buy LAST YEAR'S amazing games, at a steep discount. Digital distribution, at least on consoles, hasn't caught up to this trend, which means I've been stuck with piles of plastic discs in my house, as a way to take advantage of great prices.

Performance matters. A tale of video games

I'm the center of the universe. Aren't you?

Most people who works on games have a self-centered view. The lead artist figures the player cares the most about character designs and expansive vistas. The composer knows that players are moved first and foremost by the swell of the opening music. The multiplayer designer is certain that players couldn't care less about campaigns, and only notice well-balanced PvP.

What Does it Mean to Wait for a Game?

It was 11:30pm, and I was standing in a parking lot. The sky was oddly clear for the Pacific Northwest, but the temperature had dropped below 50 degrees, and you could see mist rising from each person as they spoke. Most of us wore branded sweatshirts which weren't really designed to keep you warm, but we were caught up in the energy of the night.

Powers of persuasion

For at least two decades I thought the key to winning people over was to talk persuasively. Use a firm, but cool voice, highlight supporting facts, prepare for objections. Very recently I've started to understand what my longtime friend Chris Paladino had been trying to tell me, though never in direct terms.

Play Games Like a Player

Do you remember what it was like to play a game? Not as a games industry insider, studying a competitor's game, or keenly critiquing your own work. Just playing a game because it was fun, and because you had nothing at stake, and because there was a ninja on the box.

On Trust and Video Games

I was about to hop on the Caltrain to San Francisco when I got the call. Over the metal on metal screech of the locomotive pulling into the station I could only make out the last few words, "to verify a few recent transactions". After boarding the train, I stood in the vestibule whispering for 20 minutes. It was my bank. Someone had gotten access to my debit card information and was making purchases in a country I'd never visited.

GDC is here, and Akamai is... there.

Now is the time to stop by the Akamai booth at GDC. We've got an interactive demo that will surprise you. We've also got several games experts at the booth who can discuss what we've done to help some of the biggest games on the planet.

Games Industry Leaders Speak About Player Experience

Whenever I'm at a games event, I try to start debates. My go-to firestarter is the topic of whether or not we're doing everything we can to make the player experience better. Some people insist that players don't care, and will put up with anything. Others argue that gameplay is king. Still others (close to my heart) suggest that there are many places where the player experience could be made better.

Going Big with eSports

Electronic Arts recently announced the launch of their new division, focused entirely on esports. Within weeks, Activision, who had already launched its own esports department, announced they were acquiring MLG, one of the key brands in competitive gaming.

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