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Written by Mani Sundaram, SVP Global Services & Support; Francis Trentley, VP Security Services & Support; Roger Barrango, Director Global Security Operations.

Hurricane Irma affected millions this week. As always here at Akamai, taking care of people comes first, and the wellbeing of our team was the foremost priority. Akamai had both personnel and facilities in the storm path and operated with an abundance of caution to ensure the safety of our people as well as continued continuity of operations for our customers.

Defending Against DD4BC Cyber Attacks

To date, over a dozen Akamai customers have been the targets of DD4BC, a group of cyber attackers who use a series of politely worded, yet increasingly threatening email messages to extort a 25 Bitcoin ransom (approximately $5,750 in US dollars) in exchange for stopping attacks on the victims' sites and number if victims is increasing. DD4BC starts out with what they call "small demonstrative attacks" that will not crash the site and last for one hour "just to prove that we are serious." Those companies that continue to ignore DD4BC's 24-hour ransom demand receive subsequent emails upping the ransom to 50-100 Bitcoins and threatening long-term UDP flood attacks at 400 to 500 Gbps - which they warn will not be easy to mitigate.

Over the last five months, the services and support management teams from Akamai have been working hard on integrating the Akamai and Prolexic Security Operation Center (SOC). Given the progress that we've made along the way, we think it would be timely for us to talk about how this effort from both companies could help our customers against the ever-changing attack sphere.