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Dr. Michael Wu, PhD, chief scientist at Lithium presented a workshop in the (very cold) Boston area this past week called "the science + ROI of social media influence". I stress the very cold statement as when we discussed the topic of "creditability" he pointed out that he is not credible when it comes to clothing. His wife, however is very credible, as she picks out his clothes. He was extremely happy that she had selected 6 layers of clothing for him on that cold, snowy day.

STEM Professions - Share your Passion!

I recently attended an Akamai Women's Forum where Tom Leighton (Akamai co-founder & CEO) and Jim Gemmell (Chief HRO) came to discuss diversity in Akamai. Jim talked about the overall availability of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) candidates, and it made me reminisce about how I got interested in a technology career.
As a mother of an athlete that grew up aspiring for the London 2012 Olympics when I saw this story about Olympic athletes requesting that their families stay home it broke my heart.