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Mobile Challenges for Enterprise Application Delivery

98% of employees access business applications from their mobile device outside the office. Many enterprises were caught off guard by the rapid adoption of mobile. In less than a decade, organizations have moved from locked down BlackBerry devices to the chaotic BYOD free-for-all of today. With this trend, three big enterprise challenges surrounding mobile have emerged: complexity, connectivity, and speed.
The Internet is a far more complex entity than the "series of tubes" image that is often invoked. Similarly, keeping up with the current solutions for your IT infrastructure and modern application delivery, such as the Application Delivery Controller (ADC), may seem equally daunting if you're not staying current with the key terminology; fortunately, Akamai is here to help you navigate the current atmosphere:

Our series of posts over the past few weeks covered a number of topics regarding the new world of application delivery, from discussions about the challenges posed by globalization to summaries of the benefits of a Cloud-based application delivery solution. We concluded on how you can move your business forward in terms of application delivery, and now it's important to lay out a number of best-practice techniques for getting the most out of your chosen solution.

What type of device are you using to read this post right now?

No sixth sense is necessary to determine that the answer would range from "laptop," to "smartphone." Nor would it be required to guess that you already have several work-related emails in your inbox that are stamped with "Sent from my iPhone." It's also likely that this has caused controversy amongst the Android users in your life at least once.
The genre of Science Fiction and its contributors has given us plenty of glimpses into what the future of mobile devices might look like, from the hand-held communicators of "Star Trek" that inspired the first cellular flip phones to both cinema and comic-inspired wearable devices. However, compared to the smartphones and other devices that are currently on the market, these formerly advanced devices of the past now look and feel far more antiquated than cutting-edge, becoming more and more obsolete with each new upgrade.

The Advantages of Enterprise Cloud Applications

Beyond all the hype, industry reorientations and analyst projections, the emergence of cloud computing as a common internal business tool (whether authorized CRM and data management applications or unauthorized note-taking and organizational tools) is an interesting example of companies following where their employees have led.

Akamai joins Cloud Foundry to support open cloud ecosystem

As enterprises further embrace cloud environments for both business and mission critical applications, it is important to have easier ways to connect with other cloud based services. Akamai recognizes this need and this is why we are excited to announce our participation as a Silver sponsor of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Cloud Foundry is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides capabilities to distribute applications to one or more cloud environments. Cloud Foundry is exciting because anyone can download and run it in conjunction with their own private cloud environments or take advantage of it through service providers who have adopted it, such as IBM Blue Mix, HP Helion, and CenturyLink Cloud.
Here at Akamai it's no surprise that we believe in the transformative power of the Internet. Since its early days, smart companies have taken advantage of this power (often with our help!) to enable users with the freedom to shop, stream media, and connect remotely - but many of these same companies still need to learn how to use the Internet to deliver business-critical applications.

The Performance Challenges of WAN Architecture

How many websites have you accessed today, and from how many devices? Were you satisfied with the speed of your service and the experience of connecting? Did it enable you to keep moving at the pace you need?
Headquarters in America. Branches in Europe. Offices in India. Suppliers in Taiwan. Employees at home, on the road, and everywhere in between: All of whom need to connect to business-critical applications and who expect to be able to do so from whatever device is at hand.
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