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FirstCon14, As Seen from Twitter

As is the case with any conference, attendees can't be everywhere at once. If you attend one talk, you're missing a few others down the hall. If you can't attend, you miss everything.

That's one of the things I love about Twitter: You can keep up with what's happening. Such is the case this week during the FIRST conference in Boston. As I attend my chosen talks, I'm keeping up with everything else by scanning tweets using the hashtag #firstcon14. Here are some of the tweets catching my attention.

FirstCon14: Was Spafford Too Negative?

After security luminary Eugene Spafford gave a keynote at the FIRST conference in Boston this morning, some noted that his overall outlook was dark and depressing.

FIRSTCon14: Are CERTS the Janitors of InfoSec?

Security luminary Eugene Spafford gave a rather bleak assessment of the state of the industry in his FIRST Conference keynote this morning. 

His focus of gloom: Patches.

Specifically, the addiction companies and organizations have to patching, at the expense of building more ironclad systems.

FIRST Conference Podcasts and Tweets

I'm at the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) annual meet-up at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, and will be blogging about some of the talks in the coming days. But for those who can't make it, I want to direct you to the FIRST homepage, where you can keep track of the action and soak in some of the experience.

Two cool noteworthy items here:

First, there are several podcasts with everything from interviews with security practitioners to segments about the conference planning process. Next, further down the page, you can keep up with all the tweeting from here. The hashtag for that is  or .

More to come later.

Keynotes at FIRST Security Conference

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) annual Boston meet-up starts in earnest today at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. For those planning to attend, here's a look at the keynote speaker roster.

Akamai Security Podcast Now on iTunes

You can now subscribe to the Akamai Security Podcast from the iTunes store. Hear interviews with Akamai security specialists as well as security luminaries from the larger industry. Preview the podcast here and, to subscribe, click "view in iTunes." Once iTunes launches, you can hit the subscribe button.

Thanks for listening!

Akamai Security Podcast

Anonymous Continues Targeting World Cup

In recent days, we've been monitoring attempts by Anonymous and others to cause Internet disruptions during the World Cup. Here's how those attacks are playing out in the media.

Next week I'll be attending the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) annual Boston meet-up at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel along with several Akamai colleagues. FIRST is a global non-profit organization that brings together computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) from over 240 corporations, government bodies, universities and other institutions spread across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Web Security in the News

A look at the security issues making headlines so far this week:

The €30k data takeaway: Domino's Pizza Faces Ransom Demand After Hack (The Guardian)
Hackers have demanded a ransom of €30,000 (£24,000) from Domino's Pizza after stealing personal data on more than 600,000 of its French and Belgian customers.

Ruling Raises Stakes for Cyberheist Victims (KrebsOnSecurity)
A Missouri firm that unsuccessfully sued its bank to recover $440,000 stolen in a 2010 cyberheist may now be on the hook to cover the financial institution's legal fees, an appeals court has ruled. Legal experts say the decision is likely to discourage future victims from pursuing such cases.

World Cup 2014: Experts Warn of Security Threats (Dark Reading)
Brazilians and foreign visitors in the country for the World Cup are being warned of a potential rise in security attacks. Fake Wi-Fi hotspots to ATM scams are on the list of dangers locals and tourists should be aware of.

Cisco Extends Deadline for Internet of Things Security Contest (eWeek)
Cisco Systems is extending the deadline for submissions for its Internet of things security contest, giving interested parties another two weeks.

Hacked Synology NAS Systems Used in Big-Profit Cryptocurrency Mining Scheme (Computerworld)
A hacker earned over $600,000 by infecting network-attached storage devices with Dogecoin mining malware, Dell SecureWorks researchers said.

Target Top Security Officer Reporting to CIO Seen as a Mistake (CSOonline)
Experts worry that the retailer's chief executive and board may not get a complete picture on the company's security, if the CISO does not report directly to them.


PLXsert: The Story So Far

After Akamai acquired Prolexic several months back, a lot of people asked what it would mean in terms of the research we shared. 

Since then, quite a few Prolexic Security Engineering and Response Team (PLXsert) threat advisories have been published and distributed via the Akamai Blog and Akamai.com's security section

PLXsert monitors malicious cyber threats globally and analyzes DDoS attacks using proprietary techniques and equipment. Through attack data forensics and post-attack analysis, PLXsert is able to build a detailed global view of DDoS attacks, which the team shares with customers and the public. By sharing timely DDoS intelligence and analysis, PLXsert helps organizations adopt best practices for DDoS defense, and make more informed, proactive decisions about specific DDoS threats.

What follows is a roundup of what we've released so far.