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Akamai Provides Prolexic DDoS Service Impact Update (Status: Resolved)

Akamai experienced an outage for one of its Prolexic DDoS services (Routed 3.0) starting at 4:20 AM UTC. We detected the issue immediately, and impacted customers received an error alert within seconds. The impact was limited to Akamai customers using version 3.0 of the Routed service.

Many of the approximately 500 customers using this service were automatically rerouted, which restored operations within a few minutes. The large majority of the remaining customers manually rerouted shortly thereafter.

The issue was not caused by a system update or a cyberattack. A routing table value used by this particular service was inadvertently exceeded. The effect was an unanticipated disruption of service. 

We restored the service by 8:47 AM UTC, and customers began the process of routing back on to the service at that time. 

We recognize the impact of this issue, and we extend our apologies to our customers and any of their end users who were affected.

We have taken steps to prevent a recurrence of this issue. We will also be working to make sure that every Akamai customer is set up for automatic rerouting in the future.