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What's New in Services and Support

Why Services and Support?

Whether you are new to Akamai or increasing your adoption of our solutions, Services and Support is here to help you take on the most challenging problems businesses face today, so you can offer consistent, fast, secure experiences to your customers. 

It's no secret that most organizations keep adapting their online business strategy on a regular basis. New technologies emerge every day, and while they offer new opportunities they also bring challenges: Do I have the right talent and expertise in-house? Can I adopt and deploy a solution fast enough? Will it fit with my existing infrastructure? Will my team be able to optimize, mitigate security risks, and maintain the solution in the long term? This is where Akamai Services and Support is there to help.

Expand Security Services Across your Akamai Cloud Security Solutions

Early this year, we launched a new Service Portfolio for Web Performance and Media solutions, following a defined ASSIST, GUIDE, and MANAGE model. The security services portfolio will follow the same model and provide incremental features and benefits based on the customer's business needs:

  • Security Optimization Assistance (SOA): for customers that are seeking to maintain their security posture and course-correct their security strategy
  • Readiness and Response Service (RRS): for customers seeking the Akamai Incident Response Service through the Security Operations Command Center (SOCC), having all the SOA benefits as part of this offering
  • Managed Security Service (MSS): the highest level of security service available, for customers that want to focus on their business and have Akamai monitor and defend their business-critical assets

These offerings are designed to provide you with a higher level of service in a format that is simpler, scalable, and more flexible for your specific business needs. To learn more about the security services packages, please visit our Services and Support page for more details.

Stay Ahead of Ever-Evolving Threats with Managed Security Service

Our flagship security service, MSS, will be launched for general availability on November 5, 2020. MSS supports Akamai Cloud Security Solutions to prevent harmful bot activity like credential stuffing, combat distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and detect and mitigate script vulnerabilities. MSS offer the highest level of security service available from us, helping your security strategy minimize risks affecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems and data.

Get All the Benefits of a Fully Managed Service for Page Integrity Manager

On November 5, 2020, MSS will be available for Page Integrity Manager. Experienced security experts and proven online defenses will help your business achieve a strong security posture. MSS integrates unified insights and security operations across Akamai's global SOCC to help customers stay ahead of potential script threats, enhance the protection of the integrity of your web pages, and safeguard your business.

  • 24/7 monitoring of changed, malicious, and compromised JavaScript resources that could be used to steal user data or deface the user experience
  • Direct access to our experienced security professionals, integrating industry expertise and best practices
  • Granular and quantifiable scores to assess the health of in-browser threat posture
  • In-depth analysis of your Page Integrity configurations and advisory reporting that will help your business achieve a strong in-browser threat protection

Updated Protect and Perform Bundles

Protect and Perform bundles are a solution built for customers that want expert guidance on their security, web performance, or media delivery solutions, and flexibility within their services package. Protect and Perform offers bundles of each of the security service options (SOA, RRS, MSS), combined with each of the core service options (Plus, Advanced, Premium), with the ability to share hours between security or core Professional Services work.

Protect and Perform will be launched on November 5, 2020. To learn more about each solution, please visit our Services and Support page.

There will be more opportunities to engage with us on this and more at Edge Live | Adapt. Sign up to see how customers are leveraging these improvements, engage in technical deep dives, and hear from our executives how Akamai is evolving for the future.