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Respect and Equal Protection For Everyone

We are profoundly distressed by the racism, bigotry and violence committed against people of color in our society and by public institutions. Here at Akamai, we have no tolerance for discrimination. We value our diversity. It is a strength of our organization. And in a moment when many people are feeling hurt, frustrated and angry, we have an urgent opportunity to embrace this strength and stand up for it in the world.

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Akamai has been on a multi-year journey to live out our values through an inclusive workplace culture built upon respect for every individual. We strive to foster a work environment of open minds, so that we may listen and learn from one another and not feel embarrassed in admitting that we may not have all the answers when it comes to challenges that are difficult or uncomfortable to address. Within our company, we are working to provide collegial forums where people can come together, ask questions, listen, gain new perspectives and come away with a more informed understanding of what can and must be done to broaden the inclusion and contributions of racially diverse talent at Akamai and throughout the technology industry. 

Fostering real and lasting change requires sustained commitment over years. While many of us feel deeply distressed by recent events, we walk this journey with hope. We believe that can build a better tomorrow -- for everyone -- if we never give up trying, and work for it together.