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Enabling Business Continuity in an Uncertain Global Environment

Today's uncertain global environment has made it an imperative for companies to enable remote access to business-critical applications. In particular, the fluidity and uncertainty of the current global crisis triggered by COVID-19 have accelerated the movement to have employees work remotely. Akamai's Enterprise Application Access solution provides secure and scalable application access for remote users, and right now, Akamai is offering a Business Continuity Assistance Program that includes complimentary 60-day usage of the Enterprise Application Access solution.

Many organizations are experiencing a significant challenge, facing a sudden increase in remote users, because traditional remote access solutions were largely scoped with the expectation of only a limited number of people, across a global workforce, working off-site at any one time. This is in sharp contrast to today's reality, which for many companies requires being prepared to immediately enable large employee populations to work remotely and effectively. 

Akamai can help organizations manage and secure this access transformation. Our Enterprise Application Access solution is an edge-based, intelligent, adaptive alternative to legacy access solutions. As a cloud-native service, it is designed to be deployed quickly and scale dynamically, so that enterprises can quickly provision secure access to mission-critical applications, for remote workers, with a single set of security and access controls. IT teams can scale resources to meet the demands of the business in any environment.

Akamai Enterprise Application Access also enables businesses to embrace a Zero Trust security strategy. The solution is designed to ensure that only authenticated and authorized users and devices have access to applications and data. At the same time, Zero Trust Access protects those applications and users from advanced threats on the Internet. Organizations can therefore grant authorized users secure access to applications wherever the users, devices, and applications reside. Enterprise Application Access is a critical component of Akamai's own Zero Trust architecture transformation. 

As offices temporarily close around the globe, we are dedicated to helping businesses manage and secure the sudden remote user ramp-up. We are actively working with customers to rapidly deploy Enterprise Application Access so they can support their workforces, maintain productivity, and deliver continued value to their businesses. Akamai can also provide application acceleration services to deliver faster access for remote users connecting to corporate infrastructure from a distance. Backed by the scale, resilience, and security of Akamai's global intelligent edge platform, Akamai's solutions can provide needed support in today's challenging environment.

We are offering a Business Continuity Assistance Program that includes complimentary 60-day usage of the Enterprise Application Access solution. Learn more about how Akamai can help you