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Akamai Attends The Massachusetts Clean Energy Preview with Governor Baker


On January 22 - the day after the 2020 Massachusetts State of the Commonwealth speech - Akamai's Sustainability team participated in a clean energy legislative preview with Governor Baker and Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Theoharides of Massachusetts, Ceres, and other key businesses across the state. The Governor provided a generous amount of depth into what is driving his legislative decisions around climate action and provided insight into applying these goals at a national and international level.

The Governor's discussion boiled down to 3 key takeaways for how businesses can help make an impact on climate change:

  1. Corporate leaders must act to incorporate the impacts of climate change deeper into our work
  2. Companies should be focused not only on sourcing 100% renewable energy, but instead should be moving toward a goal of Net Zero carbon emissions
  3. In order to propel climate change forward, we must cause disruption in the system to realize a Net Zero goal faster across all sectors


The Governor and Secretary also discussed the State's transportation and climate initiative (TCI). This legislation is becoming increasingly important for the Commonwealth to move toward a Net Zero goal. With the Boston-metro area receiving an "award" for the worst rush-hour traffic in the country in 2019 and with the increase in drivers on the road for longer periods of time, this is affecting the local climate. Vehicles are one of the largest producers of global emissions. It is no surprise that the state is working on investments in electrical vehicle (EV) incentives to curb the growing issue.

Akamai is proud to take a leadership position on improving the places where we work, operate and live. With our current sustainability initiatives and outlook on reducing our own CO2 emissions, we are positioned for a strong carbon-reduced future. Our 2020 goals are evidence of this commitment and showcase how we will continue to reduce our carbon emissions by:

  • Reducing our platform intensity through software and hardware innovation
  • Developing energy efficient data center facilities and solutions
  • Renewing and reusing hardware whenever possible and responsibly recycling equipment when it is not
  • Working in our supply chain and partnering with those who want to make a difference in driving the technology industry towards a more carbon-free world

Akamai is also working on procuring renewable energy around the globe to power our platform more sustainably. This includes a mix of wind and solar projects that help reduce our overall emissions impact. In addition to those projects, we are also committed to a more sustainable planet by:

  • Partnering in the global community with like-minded companies and organizations
  • Developing programs where we can make an impact through sustainability education
  • Partnering with non-governmental organizations and consultants like the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, Ceres and Sustainability Roundtable to establish industry-best practices
  • Continuing to positively disrupt and innovate in the environmental world

Global environmental change begins locally, like with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and with each one of us regardless of location. We must innovate[, define] and cause the right amount of disruption to chart a sustainable path for the future.

Learn more about our Sustainability commitments at www.akamai.com/Sustainability