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Akamai Prolexic - Mitigating Large Scale DDoS Attacks in 0 seconds

Large scale multi-vector DDOS attack thwarted in 0 Seconds

A recent large attack levied against one of our global online gaming customers highlights the value of Akamai Prolexic's 0 Second SLA.  As attacks ramp up more quickly than ever before, Akamai's SOCC demonstrates every day how having a complete and comprehensive defensive posture in place, with rules qualifying for 0-second mitigation, can help any Prolexic Routed customer to reduce potential downtime and to be as prepared as possible for DDoS attacks.  

Attack Specifics: 

This particular attack ramped up very quickly, going from near 0 to 421 Gigabits per second and 48 Million packets per second in a matter of 2 minutes. 


However - the attack was effectively mitigated with no customer impact  (in 0 seconds).  All three vectors comprising the attack (DNS reflection, CLDAP reflection and UDP fragmentation) were handled proactively.

We've also seen larger pulse attacks.

The following attack against a gaming customer cycled through 6 destination IPs and saw a number of vector changes, with 4 distinct peaks in a little over 90 minutes totaling 15.8 terabytes of attack traffic. 


Often attackers leverage pulse wave attacks, which take advantage of the time automated or manual mitigation measures take to kick in. 

This is not a problem with proactive mitigation controls that are effective in 0 seconds.

We continue to see a large majority of mitigated attacks with full or partial proactive mitigation.  This is especially evident with large attacks.


Over 97% of attacks mitigated on the Prolexic platform during the study period (September 1st through November 15th 2019) received some level of proactive mitigation, both by attack count and peak attack volume. 

The percentage of attacks instantly mitigated via proactive mitigation measures has increased steadily as we proactively profile each Prolexic customer's traffic and work with them to enable proactive mitigations. 


This is more important than ever as the number of short duration (< 5 mins) DDOS attacks continues to dominate the landscape. 


Only by locking down your attack surface can you get ahead of fast ramping attacks.

Please contact your account team

We've yet to find a customer where one or more of our proactive mitigation postures didn't fit.  Let's partner up to stop DDOS attacks before they start!