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Enhance Visibility into the Bot Landscape with Bot Intelligence Console

If you could have all the visibility that Akamai has into bot traffic, what would you do with it? That's been a common theme in conversations with many of our customers over the past year. Bot Manager provides a range of dashboards and reporting tools designed to help you better understand how bots are interacting with your websites and applications. But you've asked for more. You want to see how those same bots are interacting with your peers - other customers in your industry or across the Akamai platform.

This October, we're introducing the Bot Intelligence Console - a window into bot activity across the entire Internet. The Bot Intelligence Console was designed to share threat intelligence so that you can see what other customers (at an industry or platform level) are experiencing with bot traffic as a whole, as well as learn more about individual bots. Our vision was to provide you with a dashboard for bot traffic across your industry so you can benchmark your bot activity against your peers, as well as in-depth profile pages for every individual bot, so you can learn everything Akamai knows about that bot in a single place, including what it looks like, how sophisticated it is, and what it's been doing.

Take a tour of the Bot Intelligence Console

You can find the Bot Intelligence Console within Security Center in the Akamai Control Center portal. The initial dashboard provides a snapshot of bot traffic interacting with your properties, benchmarked against other customers by either industry vertical or platform-wide. This provides high-level context on the level of bot activity in terms of:

  1. Top Akamai-Categorized bots (filtered per category)
  2. Top Customer-Categorized bots
  3. Top volumetric Unknown bots (by request count)
  4. Top distributed Unknown bots (by number of IP addresses)
  5. Top pervasive Unknown bots (by number of Akamai customers targeted)

 enhance one.png

Figure 1: The Bot Intelligence Console dashboard with top bots identified

With the Bot Intelligence Console, you can look up any bot that Akamai knows about by name to drill-down into its profile page. This page helps answer some important questions about each bot and shares some key insights, including:

  1. How sophisticated is this bot and what are its key characteristics, such as whether it uses cookies or supports JavaScript?
  2. How pervasive is this bot - has it only targeted you or does it interact with customers within specific verticals or all Akamai customers?
  3. What is the timeline of activity from this bot and how does that compare with the timeline of activity with other customers?
  4. What hostnames has this bot been targeting?
  5. Where is this bot coming from and with what characteristics - including user-agents, source countries and source ASNs?
  6. How was this bot detected and is it being mitigated? What action do other Akamai customers apply on this bot?
  7. Did this bot trigger other security controls, such as WAF rules or have a bad client reputation?

enhance two.pngFigure 2: A bot profile page within the Bot Intelligence Console 

Where can I get more information about the Bot Intelligence Console?

If you're a Bot Manager customer, you can find the Bot Intelligence Console within Security Center in Akamai Control Center today. You can also contact us via your account team for more details, or click on the "Get In Touch" button to the right.