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What is Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)?

Truly knowing the customer is key to marketing success today. And it's not just about knowing their name, but understanding their true identity. The technology that makes this possible is known as customer identity and access management (CIAM).

These solutions help companies acquire and recognise customers, collect accurate first-party data, and facilitate personalized marketing through integrations.

At its most basic level, a CIAM solution should offer the complete spectrum of capabilities related to delivering a secure, seamless customer experience.

This includes the ability to register customers, authenticate customers, manage identities, connect customers to internal and third-party applications, and scale across multiple customer bases, business units and partner offerings.

Getting customers to digital properties is one thing, but having them identify and engage with a brand is another. Whether through traditional registration (username and password) or social login, this is when visitors go from anonymous to known.

Once acquired, companies have the ability to collect rich demographic and psychographic profile information from their social login or registration method, building a powerful database of knowledge about your best customers.

Then, companies can amplify the power of their customers' identities and turn that information into action by synchronising profile data with their email marketing system, CMS, web analytics, targeting, CRM, e-commerce and other marketing technologies already in use.

As marketers look deeper into customer identities, a richer, more meaningful set of marketing tactics becomes apparent. Capturing, storing and connecting customers' data powers the next level of digital marketing, building the personalised journey.

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